Tony Daysog served on the Alameda City Council
from 1996-2006 and 2012-2016.

Tony Daysog has won some and lost some during his time in Alameda politics. He’s run for mayor and even Congress two years ago in a race outside of his home district. But Daysog’s sweet spot appears to be the Alameda City Council where he’s served a total of 14 years.

After missing out on re-election in 2016, Daysog said last week that he is running for one of two open seats on the Alameda City Council in 2018.

Many island insiders believed Daysog would run again, but some wondered if another run for mayor was also a possibility.

And despite the loss last year, Daysog’s candidacy is still formidable. He finished third in the council race for two open seats after receiving a solid 20 percent of the electorate, just under 1,100 votes from winning re-election.

During last Tuesday’s Pride month event in front of Alameda City Hall, Daysog said he’s definitely running and promised to elaborate on his platform in a few months.

Later, inside the council chambers, Daysog appeared back in element as he spoke in opposition of the council’s recent decision to amend its rent stabilization ordinance to include just cause protections for tenants.

Daysog served on the council when the rent ordinance was initially approved in March 2016 and he voted in support, despite reservation over the amount of relocation payments paid by landlords to tenants.

But in the run-up to last year’s fall election, Daysog briefly contemplated pursuing a ballot measure to roll back the same requirements that he believed disproportionately hurts who he termed “small mom-and-pop landlords.”

Meanwhile, Daysog’s announcement makes him the first known candidate to enter the 2018 council race that will also include incumbent Councilmembers Jim Oddie and Frank Matarrese.

However, Matarrese is also a rumored candidate for mayor, according to several Alameda politicos.

In addition, planning board member David Mitchell is also contemplating a campaign for the council.