Lee says Trump’s Cuba policy is an ‘unnecessary step backwards’

Rep. Barbara Lee says President Trump’s
new Cuba policy hurts U.S. businesses.

Rep. Barbara Lee has another reason to be critical of President Donald Trump after the administration announced Thursday that it would roll back the reopening of Cuba to U.S. investment and travel, a policy created in 2015 under President Barack Obama.

After the announcement, Lee said the policy “will return the U.S. to an era of failed isolationist Cuba policies.”

Trump’s directive tightens bans on American tourism to Cuba and investment, though, maintains the reopened U.S. embassy in Havana..

“This is a completely unnecessary step backwards for American families and businesses, the Cuban people, and U.S. global leadership,” said Lee.

American and Cuban people, along with commerce has benefited from Obama’s rapprochement with Cuba, said Lee. “Yet Trump would rather abandon all progress we’ve made with Cuba and undermine our international standing,” she said.

Lee’s connection with Cuba runs deep. As a member of Congress she has visited the island nation on numerous occasions over the decades and long pushed for ending the Cold War-era embargo on Cuba.

She was also briefly rumored to a candidate for ambassador to Cuba, an appointment that was more likely if Hillary Clinton had won the presidency last year.

However, Lee received scorn from conservatives and some Democrats after she praised Cuba leader Fidel Castro following his death last November.

As one of the most progressive members of Congress, Lee undoubtedly, has found much disagreement with Trump’s policies since his inauguration and the previous election campaign.

Lee has blasted proposed cuts to federal budget that she believes undermines the poor, seniors and children, in addtion, to Trump’s rhetoric against immigrants and minorities.

Like many Democrats, Lee has eyed impeachment of Trump, although with measured statements at a few recent town halls in her East Bay district.

Although, a town hall last month in Berkeley featured notable Watergate figure John Dean offering parallels between the eventually downfall of President Richard Nixon and today’s investigation into the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia and other potential misconduct.

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