ALCO DA hopeful Price says she’s running on police accountability, criminal justice reform

Oakland civil rights attorney Pamela Price
says Alameda County D.A. Nancy O’Malley 
did not protect victim of police sex crimes.

Unseating Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley might be the longest of longshots in the East Bay next year. But Oakland civil rights attorney Pamela Price believes a campaign advocating for police accountability, criminal justice reform, and her believe O’Malley has failed on both accounts is a winning message.

Price laid out her early platform for the June 2018 primary race on Thursday in an email to supporters. She also acknowledged the obstacles for defeating the deeply-entrenched O’Malley. “My friends’ first question is not why am I running for DA. The first question is ‘have you lost your mind?’ No, I have not lost my mind. I know who I am and I know why I’m running.”

It appears Pamela intends to use Oakland’s police sexual misconduct scandal as a hammer against O’Malley. Price briefly served as counsel for the under-aged victim in the scandal, known then as Celeste Guap, but later identified as Jasmine Abuslin.

Alameda County D.A. Nancy O’Malley

Referencing the report released this week that slammed the handling of the case by the city and police department on numerous occasions, Price says O’Malley also exhibited similar indifference to the victim. Price says O’Malley should have investigated possible witness tampering when Abuslin was curiously sent to Florida and later arrested.

“While our County’s female leaders did not come right out and blame the victim, no one acted like they gave a damn about Jasmine. It was as if her exploitation was not taken seriously. Ultimately, the DA left Jasmine to languish in a Florida jail for 17 days,” said Price. “The same bias that OPD exhibited was obvious in the DA’s response to Jasmine’s incarceration in Florida – they wrote her off.”

Price also contends O’Malley should have known about the notorious sex trafficking case since it also involved two investigators in her own office. “She says she was completely unaware of the ongoing investigation until she read about it in the newspaper. To me, that is a gross dereliction of duty on her part,” said Price. During O’Malley’s tenure as D.A., she has made prosecution of sex trafficking in Alameda County perhaps her top priority.

“’The New Jim Crow” is alive and well in Alameda County,” Price later declared. She asserts O’Malley’s office is relying too harshly on mass incarceration and felony arrests of African American youths is far higher than Caucasians. She states 93 percent of all arrested in Alameda County will be eventually prosecuted for some type of offense. “Since 2012, we have rejected that approach in Alameda County. We want to bring people home and rebuild families and restore our community. We want to end the horrendous racial divide that has infected our judicial system,” said Price.

A large part of O’Malley’s perceived electoral infallibility stems from the county’s systemic use of maintaining the status quo. Retiring elected officials often time their retirement just prior to re-election. Therefore, appointees are then given an advantage in the election by running as an semi-incumbent. O’Malley was appointed in this manner in 2009 when former District Attorney Tom Orloff unexpectedly retired just months before the primary. During both her re-election campaigns O’Malley has never faced a challenger.

The strategy was used last month with appointment of Alameda County Treasurer Henry Levy after long-time office holder Donald White announced his retirement after 30 years. Levy is set to run for the seat next June.

5 thoughts on “ALCO DA hopeful Price says she’s running on police accountability, criminal justice reform

  1. I don't care for either one. O'Malley is ineffective and Price is an egomaniac with an over inflated sense of importance. She talks about police accountability blah blah blah, but if elected she's not going to do crap except talk a good game; and use the office as a stepping stone. Part of the crooked Oakland political scene


  2. Neither are great, but I would take O'Malley over Price anyday. Price is an opportunist perpetual office seeker


  3. Pamela Price chances of winning this race is slim to none. She is a person who really just seeks power and not particularly interested in people. She has a law firm in Oakland, and from what I have been told she treats her employees like dirt; and constanly spouting off God this, Thank the Lord that”. Those who wrapped themselves up the tightest in religion are usually the most shady. I don't think she should even consider a position where she serves the public. A person who is mean and disrespectful for those who works for them, should stay the hell out of the public Arena


  4. By MW:

    Most lawyers, and especially the ones that get involved in politics, are so extremely sleazy, that therefore in most situations an election campaign to decide which one will be that county's DA is similar to if Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, John Gotti, Bernard Madoff, and Pablo Escobar were the five main contenders for the position of the commissioner to enforce and uphold standards, ethics, honesty, and integrity, and therefore each one insisted he was an extremely honest and wonderful person and that the other four candidates were total crooks.

    And in most races for DA, or even when analyzing lawyers (or politicians) in general, usually it is just that some of the sleazy crooks are somewhat more skilled than the other sleazy crooks at pretending to be good guys and honest.

    And the so called “legal profession” should actually be renamed the politically protected organized crime ring of lies, fraud, deceit, deception, embezzling, and money laundering.

    So pick your poison.


  5. By MW:

    Actually, making a fool of Nancy O'Malley, and who is not a real liberal but merely a demagogue and charlatan who pretends to be a liberal, would be extremely easy.

    However, I seriously doubt that Pamela Price will make a major and serious effort to expose O'Malley for the total phony that she is, and including since the very highest “law” of both the California State Bar and the so called legal profession is do not get into major discussions or initiate any important disclosures that would allow the general public to learn how extremely sleazy and totally phony the so called legal profession actually is.

    For instance some years ago there was the “Diary Girl” case, and in which the elderly and extremely senile Melvin Belli was officially the lead defense attorney. However the very elderly Belli, and who was also an extreme alcoholic, was by that time so senile and also totally useless that he was sound asleep in the courtroom during a large amount of the trial.

    So therefore, and in the practical sense, his considerably younger assistant actually functioned as the de facto lead defense counsel. And his assistant put on what was far and away the very worst performance I ever saw, or even heard, of any lawyer anywhere. In fact, I am not exaggerating when I say that even over ninety five percent of ten year old children could have done a much better job than that so called lawyer.

    And I took considerably more interest in that assistant's performance than most people did, since before going to work for Belli, she had worked in the San Francisco law office that handled most of the Bay area legal work for organized crime kingpin M.L. “Larry The Liar-Switzerland and Arlington National Cemetery” Lawrence, and who had been the primary owner of a huge SF office building I had previously worked in.

    So therefore I did a bit of digging into her background. And I discovered that another woman, and who said she was a former roommate of that assistant, had previously stated that Belli's assistant was a drug addict, a suicidal and homicidally inclined maniac, and basically a world class idiot.

    And that caused me to do the additional research that caused me to learn that lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug addiction of any major profession, and that the rates are even much higher among SF lawyers.

    However, and so as to protect the reputation of the legal profession, no one, and including the judge, chose to halt the trial by taking the position that since Belli's assistant was obviously on drugs and totally useless, that therefore she should be replaced with a competent defense attorney and who was not on drugs.

    So I seriously doubt that Pamela Price will go after O'Malley in any meaningful way. Since how could lawyers continue to rip off the public if the general public ever learned the full truth about lawyers.


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