Hayward Mayor Halliday with yet another set of bizarre statements, this time about the homeless

Hayward Mayor Barbara Halliday

During a discussion over Hayward’s homeless count and possible solutions to housing them Tuesday night, Mayor Barbara Halliday offered a series of bizarre statements.

They involved a comment that appeared to opine the homeless are unable to responsibly maintain the upkeep of their subsidized housing. She later suggested it was a success the city is doing well finding shelter for families, while failing individuals. Halliday also lauded the city for its homeless count being stagnate over prior years, while the rest of Alameda County spiked.

Halliday prefaced her most peculiar statement on the homeless by saying the city should continue its efforts to help fund housing for the poor, before adding, “Everybody deserves a home, but homes–all of us who have homes have great responsibilities in connection with those homes. Having a home, it may be–I’m not trying to say I don’t want to see everybody have a home–but people have to understand there’s a responsibility, too.” (WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW)

She then proposed the county look into a model whereupon housing recipients contribute to the upkeep of their dwellings in order to receive substantial rental subsidies or free housing. “And that gives people self-worth,” she added.

Earlier in her comments, Halliday seemed impressed by data that showed Hayward’s homeless count was stagnate, even lower than previous years, while Alameda County’s numbers had risen. It was also noted in the report that Hayward has the third highest percentage of homeless in the county. Halliday, though, corrected the record to note it was, instead, the fourth.

In response to findings that showed Hayward has been successful in locating shelters for homeless families, but struggling to house individuals, Halliday responded, “In some ways, that’s good. Children should be a prime concern for all of us.”

Her comments, however, are not isolated events. In fact, Halliday has a history of peculiar statements, including a moment during her run for mayor in 2014 when she told a candidate forum that Hayward will never be able to replicate more affluent East Bay cities.

“Let’s face it, we probably never will in our lifetimes be a very wealthy city like, I don’t know, Piedmont, Palo Alto. We’re Hayward. I’m proud that we’re Hayward. We have a heart and we’ve shown it,” she said in April 2014. Despite the deflating comment, Halliday easily won the mayor’s race that year.

Then, last April, a public speaker told the council that her elementary school students greatly feared President Donald Trump will deport their parents and that a sanctuary city resolution should be adopted by the city.

However, Halliday did little to assuage their fears. “Unfortunately, though, I can’t tell you to tell them they’re safe because we are not in charge of the federal government,” said Halliday. Similarly, in March, Halliday offended a Latina American who was advocating for sanctuary city in Hayward.

Last year, Halliday lost control of council meeting and her own composure when she yelled out to opponents. “I am the mayor! I am in charge of this city council and I am always allowed to talk.”

7 thoughts on “Hayward Mayor Halliday with yet another set of bizarre statements, this time about the homeless

  1. Maybe they should be more concerned about the price of housing. It's so high people are moving away. One of the reasons Hayward has such a significant homeless population is because people can't afford the rent and it's almost impossible to find affordable housing.


  2. If you read what the mayor said, it seems the homeless do not deem Hayward as a place to be homeless. I think this is not surprising giving the clampdowm on free meals, virtually no place for the homeless, and the fact Hayward busily tears down any empty buildings leaving a city full of empty lots because the homeless might go there……can't wait to retire to explore other places…


  3. Shame on you people. Barabara has done so much for the city of Hayward. Right now Hayward is being over developed and yet the city will be broke in 2019. Yet Hayward being pimped as an affordable opportunity for the tech people priced out if the South Bay. What a glowing accomplishment for our mayor! Mixed message on going broke. Since the mayor and council approved a home loan for the city manager so she could afford a home in Hayward due to her 6 figure income not being enough. A new home is better than a raise. Maybe next on the agenda is affordale housing for residents who don't earn hundreds of thousands of dollars a year.


  4. By MW:

    I do not live in Hayward, and therefore do not pay nearly enough attention to Hayward politics to be familiar with Barbara Halliday to be able to discuss her possible pluses and minuses. However if she, and just like a high percentage of Bay area politicians, is a professional idiot, then, and based on the “standards” of Bay area politics, we should give her a promotion, and such as for instance to a seat on the Alameda County Board of Supervisors.

    And if she acted like a total idiot while on the AC Board of Supervisors, then she would deserve to be promoted to the top major league for idiot politicians, in other words San Francisco City Hall.

    But we should not complain about the fact that so many of our local politicians are clowns and/or total idiots, since those amateur clowns provide much better entertainment than the professional clowns working for the circus.


  5. Hayward residents who don't tend to their front yards end up not voting in Hayward elections. That is how we end up with the bestest mayors ever.


  6. Halliday also took time to whine about comments made by an individual on Nextdoor, regarding Hayward wanting to raise taxes again. Raising taxes has defined the decades she has been on city council. Sometimes the truth hurts more than just our pocket books. Time for a new mayor who is more articulate and sensible. Open mouth, insert foot equals more black eyes for Hayward. Maybe the new residents who will buy those million dollars homes in Hayward will want a real mayor, instead of “weird aunt” who rambles on and insults people with backhanded remarks.


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