Bill Lockyer and Nadia Lockyer

Former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer wrote in a posting on Facebook Wednesday morning that she has filed for legal separation from her husband, Bill Lockyer.

Last month, Nadia Lockyer was arrested in Tuolomne County for spousal abuse. Her blood-alcohol level was reportedly .22, which is nearly three times the legal limit. In the posting, Nadia Lockyer also says she is currently living in a women’s shelter.
“It is with great sadness that I confirm my formal filing of legal separation from my husband. It is in the best interests of my children, health and well-being,” wrote Nadia Lockyer.

“I will always take care of and love him, but this is needed at this time. I am currently in a shelter with our children receiving needed treatment services and we are all doing very well. Thanks for your well wishes and support. I’ll be in touch again when the time is right.”

(Update: the Facebook posting referenced above was later deleted.)

Nadia Lockyer’s Facebook page still features a cover photo of her, Bill Lockyer and their son at the Roman Colosseum.

This is not the first time the Lockyer’s tumultuous marriage has been on the verge of dissolution. In the aftermath of Nadia Lockyer’s rapid fall from Alameda County supervisor to the depths of drug and alcohol addition, Bill Lockyer filed for divorce in July 2012. After attending rehab, Bill Lockyer reconciled with his wife in March 2013.

Severe ups and down, though, have plagued Nadia Lockyer in subsequent years, including another arrest in 2012 for possession of methamphetamine and child-endangerment. On several occasions, Nadia Lockyer has posted on Facebook various allegations against her husband, including abuse and his own addiction. Each time, the accusation was removed by Nadia Lockyer and replaced with a loving statement about her husband and their children.

The repeated incidents involving Bill Lockyer and his wife has removed some sheen off the reputation of one of the most accomplished politicians in the history of the East Bay and a heavyweight in state politics for the past four decades.

After being first elected to the San Leandro school board, Lockyer served in the Assembly and rose to State Senate pro tem. At one point, Lockyer’s name was seriously bandied about for a run at governor in the early 2000s. He later became state attorney general, treasurer and controller.

The seeds of his downfall and Nadia Lockyer’s, though, were contained in her well-financed run for Alameda County supervisor in 2010. A series of peculiar public appearance just prior to the June 2010 primary were later confirmed a year later during reports of her affair with a San Jose mechanic. During the controversy it was reported Nadia Lockyer had taken a month off during the previous campaign for drug and alcohol dependency. She later resigned.