Nadia Lockyer says she’s leaving Bill Lockyer

Bill Lockyer and Nadia Lockyer

Former Alameda County Supervisor Nadia Lockyer wrote in a posting on Facebook Wednesday morning that she has filed for legal separation from her husband, Bill Lockyer.

Last month, Nadia Lockyer was arrested in Tuolomne County for spousal abuse. Her blood-alcohol level was reportedly .22, which is nearly three times the legal limit. In the posting, Nadia Lockyer also says she is currently living in a women’s shelter.
“It is with great sadness that I confirm my formal filing of legal separation from my husband. It is in the best interests of my children, health and well-being,” wrote Nadia Lockyer.

“I will always take care of and love him, but this is needed at this time. I am currently in a shelter with our children receiving needed treatment services and we are all doing very well. Thanks for your well wishes and support. I’ll be in touch again when the time is right.”

(Update: the Facebook posting referenced above was later deleted.)

Nadia Lockyer’s Facebook page still features a cover photo of her, Bill Lockyer and their son at the Roman Colosseum.

This is not the first time the Lockyer’s tumultuous marriage has been on the verge of dissolution. In the aftermath of Nadia Lockyer’s rapid fall from Alameda County supervisor to the depths of drug and alcohol addition, Bill Lockyer filed for divorce in July 2012. After attending rehab, Bill Lockyer reconciled with his wife in March 2013.

Severe ups and down, though, have plagued Nadia Lockyer in subsequent years, including another arrest in 2012 for possession of methamphetamine and child-endangerment. On several occasions, Nadia Lockyer has posted on Facebook various allegations against her husband, including abuse and his own addiction. Each time, the accusation was removed by Nadia Lockyer and replaced with a loving statement about her husband and their children.

The repeated incidents involving Bill Lockyer and his wife has removed some sheen off the reputation of one of the most accomplished politicians in the history of the East Bay and a heavyweight in state politics for the past four decades.

After being first elected to the San Leandro school board, Lockyer served in the Assembly and rose to State Senate pro tem. At one point, Lockyer’s name was seriously bandied about for a run at governor in the early 2000s. He later became state attorney general, treasurer and controller.

The seeds of his downfall and Nadia Lockyer’s, though, were contained in her well-financed run for Alameda County supervisor in 2010. A series of peculiar public appearance just prior to the June 2010 primary were later confirmed a year later during reports of her affair with a San Jose mechanic. During the controversy it was reported Nadia Lockyer had taken a month off during the previous campaign for drug and alcohol dependency. She later resigned.

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  1. By MW:

    Assuming Nadia this time follows through with the separation, I hope I am not assigned to be the judge who has to decide which parent is the most fit, and is therefore awarded child custody, since being realistic it would be similar to if a person had two large cups of liquid set before him and was ordered to select one of the cups and then drink everything in it, and with one cup containing cyanide and the other cup containing arsenic.

    And what if Nadia “The Totally Erratic Dingbat” decides to take a taxicab to any hearings. In that case probably every five minutes or less she would change her mind in regard to whether or not she wants to follow through on the separation or forget the whole thing and go home. In other words, she would probably end up making the cabdriver almost as crazy as she is.

    Both Bill and Nadia are so totally nuts that therefore they should not be allowed to separate, since if they do they might later infest, infiltrate, and totally ruin the lives of normal people, and instead they should be locked up together in one of their houses, AND WITH A SIGN ON THE FRONT DOOR INFORMING THE GENERAL PUBLIC THAT THERE IS A QUARANTINE IN EFECT AND WITH TWO CRAZY LAWYERS INSIDE.


  2. This is all part of a brilliant plan to run for State Senate or Assembly. Nothing would qualify her for higher office in the eyes of the local machine more than these latest episodes.

    Mr. Tavares describes her tamer behavior during her last electoral adventure in 2010 as follows:

    The seeds of his [Bill’s] downfall and Nadia Lockyer's, though, were contained in her well-financed run for Alameda County supervisor in 2010. A series of peculiar public appearance just prior to the June 2010 primary were later confirmed a year later during reports of her affair with a San Jose mechanic. During the controversy it was reported Nadia Lockyer had taken a month off during the previous campaign for drug and alcohol dependency. She later resigned.

    And in 2010 she earned (or was given, or had it paid for) the ringing endorsement of the local party bosses for that Alameda County Supervisor seat. To wit:

    “Nadia Lockyer has the compassion and the understanding we're looking for in our elected leaders. With her experience and background, she has the knowledge to make local government work. The Democratic Party strongly supports Nadia Lockyer for County Supervisor” – Robin Torello, Chair Alameda County Democratic Party

    The behavior in 2017 will surely merit a promotion.


  3. I'm sympathetic to her and Bill Lockyer and hope that they are able to fix their lives. The people to be unhappy about and to keep an eye on are those that bent to the Lockyers' political will, easily, enthusiastically and effusively. Have the latter gone anywhere, or are they still around with the power to affect our lives?


  4. By MW:

    In regard to the post of 12:38PM, back when Bill Lockyer was in the state legislature there was also a much younger guy in the state legislature who was not only extremely close friends with Bill, but also in the practical sense virtually Bill's younger brother.

    In fact, the two of them not only shared an apartment in Sacramento, but the younger guy, and who let's refer to as X, very openly made it obvious that he looked at the older and more experienced Lockyer as his teacher, guide, and mentor on what to do, think, and act as a member of the state legislature.

    (NOTE: There were occasionally even articles in major newspapers describing: one, the extremely close friendship and mentor/student relationship between Lockyer and X; and two, that they were roommates.)

    However eventually X left the state legislature and became a member of the Board of Equalization. And the Franchise Tax Board is a division of, and overseen by, the Board of Equalization. And there was a particular whistleblower that Lockyer wanted to harass, intimidate, and shut up as a favor to an organized connected friend of his. That organized connected friend of Lockyer's was an extremely important source of election campaign contributions and under the table bribes to the big boys in the Democratic Party.

    So X, and obviously under orders from Lockyer, used his power with the Franchise Tax Board to repeatedly stab the whistleblower in the back.


  5. By MW:

    If Bill and Nadia do split up, and as they divide their assets, that would very likely mean that at least some of the houses they right now own or have leases on therefore woulg get new owners or occupants.

    However since lawyers have far and away the highest rates of drug addiction of any major profession (ask Nadia and Bill for details), and houses that are contaminated by drug residues are a huge threat to the health of future occupants, therefore I would not rent, buy, or occupy any house that had previously been occupied by Bill and/or Nadia even if it was offered to me for only one dollar.

    When you sell a property, you are legally required to make all sorts of disclosures. However since the California state legislature is largely composed of lawyers, therefore I would not expect those wonderful creatures in it to do anything that would be a threat to lawyers, and such as for instance. taking any actions that would allow the general public to learn more about the habits and real “standards” of lawyers, and including their skyhigh rates of drug addiction.

    In fact, to learn more about the real and actual “standards” of the Democrats in the state legislature, and many of whom are lawyers, and at least virtually all pretend to be great humanitarians, do an Internet word search on “Danny Reed” and learn how, and due to outrageous laws passed by the Democrats in the state legislature, crooked lawyers are able to steal from, rip off, and bleed dry accident victims such as him.


  6. By MW:

    In regard to my above post, and since Danny Reed is a fairly common name, an effective way to do an Internet search would be to not just type in the term “Danny Reed,” but to also at the same time type in “lawyers” and “disabled.”

    And the articles that come up will teach you more about some of the things those snakes and bloodsucking leeches are able to get away with the help of the great liberals and wonderful humanitarians in the California state legislature.


  7. It's that missing shame gene


  8. Nadia is a drunk and meth head, her kids should be taken away from her.


  9. By MW:

    I wonder if Nadia knows very much about Bill's dirty laundry, and he has a ton of it.

    For instance, and although Bill, and just like the typical Bay area phony who pretends to be a liberal, rants and raves about those evil and horrible people who engage in human trafficking. however in reality he was a protector of organized crime kingpin M.L. “Larry The Liar – Switzerland and Arlington National Cemetery” Lawrence, and who was a huge trafficker in undocumented aliens. (However Lawrence was such a major source of election campaign contributions and under the table bribes, that therefore a lot of the very highest ranking politicians, and including in San Diego, San Francisco, Sacramento, and Washington DC, pretended to believe that Lawrence was a legitimate businessman.)

    You can read a tiny bit about Lawrence's lies, sleaze, and phoniness by looking up the entry on him in Wikipedia, and which has him listed as M. Larry Lawrence, and with the “M” standing for Maurice.

    Back in the early 1990's a large San Francisco office building that Lawrence was the primary owner of went up in flames at 3AM in the morning in a multi million dollar fire just days before CAL OSHA was about to do a followup investigation into the building's many asbestos violations. It was far and away the largest fire SF had had in decades.

    (NOTE: 2AM to 4AM, and especially 3AM, is the favorite time for arson fires in office buildings when the fire is arranged by a Mafia “torch. About 3AM is also a favorite time for arson fires in restaurants if the restaurant needs hundreds of thousands of dollars in remodeling or updating.)


  10. By MW:

    While I have fairly often made derogatory remarks about organized crime kingpin M.L. “Larry The Liar” Lawrence (NOTE: Larry “The Liar” Lawrence is how he was generally referred to on the radio talk shows when the truth started to come out about his “history” as a great “war hero.”), however I cannot insist that he and his sleazy primary co-conspirators, and which included at least some of his crooked lawyers, were not good for anything.

    (Generally the more obviously guilty a criminal is the sleazier a lawyer he will hire, since if he is obviously guilty, then it is in his interest to hire a lawyer who will be his co-conspirator in arranging bribes, destroying evidence, and if necessary even arranging multi million dollar arson fires. In fact, it is truly amazing how many buildings with major asbestos problems suddenly go up in flames at 3AM in the morning.)

    Since if not for Lawrence and his sleazy lawyers, and who were even stupider than they were sleazy, I would have never learned such things as: one, 3AM is the favorite time for arson fires in office buildings when the fire is arranged by a “torch” working for organized crime; two, lawyers have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug abuse of any major profession; and three, the California State Bar has a secret system of two sets of books, and which includes selling pardons and coverups for lightly disguised bribes that it pretends are fees for courses.

    Lawrence did have a somewhat unusual name. His first name was Maurice. And his middle name was Larry. And his last name was Lawrence. However in the last few decades of his life he seldom used Maurice, and instead was usually referred to as Larry Lawrence, and although occasionally as M.L. Lawrence.


  11. Nadia HO is cum-soaked bitch who goes down on guys all duh time. Bitch ho is no good to nobody and needs to go where sun don't shine. Goes by duh line 'spread 'em!' Dats what dey do when checking cum-soaked pussy for all!


  12. By MW:

    Concerning the post of 11:53AM, Nadia is a lawyer, so let's discuss the “standards” of lawyers and the so called legal profession.

    A few years ago rumors started to circulate among the students at Stanford Law School that one of their fellow students was working as a prostitute. And as more information came out, it became obvious that the rumors were true. Evidently she made very good money while doing so. And as still more information came out, she did not even bother denying what had previously only been rumors.

    After she graduated from Stanford LS, she continued working as a prostitute.

    And when other recent graduates of Stanford LS were asked for their reactions about her conduct, I did not read of even one single recent Stanford LS graduate who was shocked or horrified, but instead some of them, many of whom were having problems finding jobs, even made comments along the lines of that they would have done the same thing if they could have arranged it.

    However previously, and back in the 1990's, it came out that the wife of one of the most prominent lawyers in the Atlanta, Georgia area was working as a call girl.

    When her husband was interviewed on TV about it, he said his wife's occupation did not bother him, since he said that a lot of the things that went on in the legal profession were a lot sleazier than working as a prostitute.

    For instance in some cities working as a bigshot high powered lawyer almost always requires paying under the table bribes to the local judges, and sometimes even also requires helping to arrange multi million dollar arson fires.

    And including since lawyers, and even a lot of law school students, have skyhigh rates of drug addiction, it is not hard to imagine that many of them would be willing to participate in and go along with absolutely anything.


  13. By MW:

    In regard to the last paragraph of my previous post of 6:49AM and the “standards” of lawyers and the legal profession, when John Dean broke ranks with the Nixon White House's attempted coverup of the crimes related to Watergate, he made a list of the primary co-conspirators. On that list he placed asterisks next to most of the names. Someone asked him what those asterisks signified.

    He replied that each name with an asterisk was the name of a lawyer. And I have noticed that whenever there is a fair sized group that contains a lot of lawyers, and such as for instance if a state legislative body has fifty members and twenty of whom are lawyers, if twenty-five members of the total group get involved in a conspiracy of major criminal activity, the twenty-five criminals would typically include about eighteen of the twenty lawyers and only about seven of the thirty NON lawyers.

    Or as a friend of mine was told by a friend of his who was a lawyer, “LAWYERS HAVE A RELATIVISTIC VIEW OF THE LAW,” in other words the majority of them think virtually anything is okay as long as it they themselves, in other words lawyers, do it.


  14. By MW:

    A few decades ago a common comment when analyzing the qualities of two people who were both sleazeballs and/or world class jerks, and especially if they were already involved with each other, was “THEY DESERVE EACH OTHER.”

    And in regard to Bill and Nadia, those two do definitely DESERVE EACH OTHER.



  1. Nadia Lockyer, in disturbing social media post, accuses Bill Lockyer of rape

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