Alameda County Dems are going to give Swalwell the riot act over his vote favoring Kate’s Law

Rep. Eric Swalwell on CNN earlier this year.

Russia this. Russia that. East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell has basked in the glow of television studio lights in recent months. He’s a fixture on CNN, MSNBC and sometimes Fox News. His task is to repeat attacks ad nauseam against President Donald Trump and the on-going allegations that his campaign colluded with Russia.

But back home in the 15th Congressional District, Swalwell is taking heat himself from the Alameda County Democratic Party.

Party insiders did not take kindly to Swalwell’s somewhat little-noticed vote last June in favor of Kate’s Law. That bill was strongly opposed by progressives and Latino groups for putting all undocumented immigrants at greater risk of being deported.

It’s primary focus is to lengthen jail sentences for undocumented immigrants who are repeat offenders of immigration law. Kate’s law, named after Kate Steinle, the San Francisco woman who was murdered by an undocumented immigrant who had committed several violent crimes in the states, passed the House last month along with 24 Democrats, including Swalwell.

Swalwell’s vote, likely rooted in his past as a former Alameda County prosecutor, nonetheless, is unpopular with the base in his district and countywide. And Swalwell should expect a letter from the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee shortly, according to sources, that will be critical of his vote and its potentially adverse effects on the area’s immigrant communities.

Hayward, which is the largest intact city in Swalwell’s congressional district, also features the East Bay’s largest Latino demographic. Forty percent of Hayward resident identify as Latino Americans. But, whether or not the letter will be offered in public or privately is not known.

The vote though comes at a time when there has been constant rumblings that Swalwell is eyeing higher office, namely the U.S. Senate, or improbably, a run for president sooner than later. The drumbeat of his appearance on cable news, most agree, has certainly raised his profile and created fans among Democrats nationwide for his critiques of Trump.

7 thoughts on “Alameda County Dems are going to give Swalwell the riot act over his vote favoring Kate’s Law

  1. Smallwell is successful because of his voters in proximity to Pleasanton. Not voting for and endorsing Kates law is tantamount to losing all of his edge. Real Democracts recognize the Republicrat for the what he is. He is a typical liberal Republican. Out with the swine.


  2. By MW:

    If the phonies who pretend to be liberals rant and rave and yell and scream loudly enough, in other words “give Swalwell the riot act,” that will “prove,” and based on liberal style “thinking” and “logic,” they are “right” and that Swalwell is “wrong.”

    In other words, the phonies who pretend to be liberals, and also pretend to believe in free speech, are such extremely intelligent, completely logical, and all around totally superior people, that therefore it should be illegal to disagree with any of the lies, garbage, and non-stop nonsense that constantly comes out of their mouths.


  3. I'm a pro-abortion, pro-death penalty, pro-euthanasia Democrat. Good deal, Swalwell! ALL illegals must be deported in masses.

    Legal immigration, yes; illegal immigration, no.

    That's it–rule of law being enforced! Go figure.

    Case closed. Period.


  4. Why don't they start with the death penalty before running around saying how wonderful and progressive they are? I know we see ourselves as competitors of China, but we shouldn't do so in the area of the death penalty. It was on the ballot last year and DP did not give one half of a solid about it.


  5. By MW:

    As far as a tougher stance on immigration, and especially illegal immigration – and whether such a stance would be unpopular with most members of the Democratic Party, most “progressives, and the majority of the general population, and including even in the Bay area, and also even in Hayward, and which has a considerable Hispanic population – while such a stance would be unpopular with the highest ranking members of the DP, and such as for instance Nancy Pelosi, most of the Bay area's higher ranking public officials, the mainstream media, and those who yell and scream the very loudest, however almost certainly even in the Bay area the overwhelming majority of the population is in favor of much tougher rules in regard to immigration, and especially illegal immigration.

    And the widening gap between what the leadership of the DP wants and continues to push for and what the majority of the members of the DP wants is a major reason why in recent elections the DP has been getting slaughtered.

    For instance every single recent election has overall been a defeat for the DP, and not just in the US Senate and the House.

    The Republican Party, and as a result of recent elections results, now has approx. 35 of the fifty governorships, and in approx 26 states even has both the governorship and also a controlling majority in the state legislature.

    And if the top leadership of the DP continues to let itself be run by such creatures as Nancy Pelosi, and who represents such things as San Francisco style “values,” it can expect to continue losing elections.

    So even if Swalwell has taken a position on immigration, and possibly especially illegal immigration, that is contrary to the “wisdom” of the biggest and noisiest windbags and demagogues, that still does not prove he is wrong and/or has committed political suicide.

    To summarize and get a look at the possible future of the Democratic Party, think of a huge army led by General Pelosi and her associates, and with a huge enthusiastic crowd of lower ranking soldiers marching behind Generals Pelosi, etc, as they proceed on their long journey to the promised land and to destroy the enemy.

    However as more and more of the lower ranking soldiers get disenchanted and desert, and which they already started doing some years ago, eventually General Pelosi and General Feinstein, etc, will have an army that has shrunk so much that about the only soldiers it will have remaining will be the SF Chronicle, the NY Times, the LA Times, and a few other members of the mainstream media.

    In fact if General Pelosi and her highest ranking associates continue on their present path, the Democratic Party might continue to shrink to the point that it will have to be renamed the Irrelevant Party.


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