The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office Twitter
feed mistakenly contained a retweet from 
Richard Spencer Monday night.

Shortly before midnight, the Alameda County Sheriffs Office retweeted a video from prominent white supremacist Richard Spencer.

The tweet sent to followers of the Alameda County Sheriff’s office Twitter page late Monday night included video of a hour-long press conference featuring Spencer’s reaction to the incident in Charlottesville  Va. that included one dead and 19 injured after a 20-year-old from Ohio drove a car through a throng of counter protesters last Saturday.

The retweet was posted in error, said a subsequent tweet, but until a few hundred comments to the sheriff’s office page quickly flooded its page.

“That was an accidental retweet and was in no way intentional,” the sheriff’s office tweeted, but was still posted for another 30 minutes or more.

The mistaken tweet, however, again brings to mind Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern’s coziness with the Trump administration in the minds on many in the East Bay’s immigrant communities.

Ahern has resisted repeated calls for his department to cut all ties with the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). Appearing at an ACLU event in Hayward on June 30, Ahern said his office complies with local and state laws when it comes to ICE.

Lawyers for ACLU, however, were skeptical and questioned whether the sheriff’s office was, for instance, coordinating release times of undocumented immigrants from its jail with ICE agents.

Ahern also received opposition, and a degree of mockery from local activists, for a letter that he signed earlier this year endorsing Jeff Sessions to be confirmed as U.S. Attorney General.

Meanwhile, so-called white nationalists and other alt-right groups are also planning another protest in Berkeley on Aug. 27. Last April, Berkeley briefly became the epicenter of bloody brawls between extremist groups on the right and the left, which brought national attention to the city.