Peter Kuo finished a surprising second in the 
2014 10th State Senate race that included Dems
Bob Wieckowski and Mary Hayashi.

Republican Peter Kuo ran for the state senate’s 10th District in 2014 and followed it up last year with a challenge in the 17th Congressional District. Kuo lost on both occasions, although, he advanced to the 2014 general election, only to lose to Bob Wieckowski.

Kuo, though, lacked any experience in government during his first run, but the Taiwanese American businessman caught the eye of some California Republicans, primarily for his opposition to Senate Constitutional Amendment 5, which would have added some affirmation action requirements for admissions to the University of California system.

However, Kuo’s professional expertise is insurance. He owns an insurance company in Santa Clara. Therefore, Kuo believes his best fit in politics is state insurance commissioner. That, and playing the violin. Watch here.

Kuo filed an intent to run for the statewide office on Monday, according to the state secretary of state web site.

News of Kuo’s run is not entirely surprising. Over the past few days, his Facebook account teased, at least, some type of interest in running a third time for office.

In one post, Kuo checked-in at the Santa Clara County Registrar’s Office, fueling speculation he might run for the state Senate again, or even local office.