Sheriff Ahern wants to use asset forfeiture funds to pay officer’s overtime at DUI checkpoints

Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern at a
town hall in Hayward in June.

Starting last Labor Day weekend, Alameda County sheriff’s deputies staffed various DUI checkpoints in an effort to discourage holiday drinking and driving.

To pay any overtime associated with the operation and two others slated during the Christmas holiday season and Memorial Day weekend next year, Sheriff Gregory Ahern is asking the Alameda County Board of Supervisors to tap in federal asset forfeiture funding.

Ahern is proposing Tuesday morning that the board release $196,400 in asset forfeiture funding to pay the resulting overtime of his officers. The fund, according to the county records, contains around $1.6 million in funds taken from individuals suspected of a crime.

However, the use of the program is highly controversial, say civil rights experts, because in many cases the seizure of funds comes without any due process and never returned even when a crime is later not found to be committed.

Use of the funding, however, must be only used in conjunction with some type of law enforcement-related activity. In this case, paying overtime costs for deputies manning DUI checkpoints.

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  1. By MW:

    Rather than using asset forfeiture funds to pay the bill for overtime, instead the AC Sheriff's Office could just give a ticket to absolutely anyone and everyone who deserves one, and the bill for overtime could then be financed out of increased ticket revenue.

    For instance if an active or retired firefighter is caught driving while drunk, give the guy a ticket, and rather than a quiet and off the record ride home.

    If a person who is a bigshot and/or politician, and such as for instance Nadia Lockyer or Carole Migden, is driving in a manner that would indicate the person is almost certainly drunk and/or under the influence of drugs, rather than inventing a lot of lies, garbage, and nonsense excuses so as not to test the person for drugs and alcohol, instead throw the book at the driver, and just like if the driver was a lower ranking person.

    Even if the suspected drunk driver is an AC judge, a member of the DA's Office or County Counsel's Office, or a high ranking manager in an AC govt agency, or even a member of the Board of Supervisors, rather than letting the driver slide due to “professional courtesy,” instead throw the book at the suspected drunk driver.

    (NOTE: I used to live in a major Midwestern city. And I got to know fairly well a particular police officer who worked for that city's police department, since he, and as a second job, worked part-time as security for my employer. Anyway, that particular police officer told me that he and his wife, and between them, owned two cars. And that he was a member of a particular Policemen's Association or union, it may have been the Fraternal Order of Police. Since this was back in the 1970's, therefore I do not remember all of the exact details. And so that he and his wife would not normally even get stopped, and let alone actually receive a traffic ticket, he would place the organization's current emblem on one of his cars, and the previous year's emblem on the other car, and therefore he and his wife never received traffic tickets. And undoubtedly the same and similar scams are still active today in almost every single county and city in the entire United States, and including in Alameda County.)


  2. The only chance in hell of beating Ahern would be for a well-known non-cop to do a Mirkarimi and ran against him.


  3. By MW:

    Since the members of the legal profession, in other words lawyers and judges, have far and away the highest rates of alcoholism and drug abuse of any major profession (and by the way, the legal profession is also the runaway “leader” among all major professions in having skyhigh rates of auto accidents, suicide, divorce, and domestic violence), therefore the number of traffic tickets, and including for drunk driving, that would be issued would be awesome if judges and members of the DA's Office and County Counsel's Office were not usually allowed to slide due to “professional courtesy.”

    And of elected officials who are members of the Democratic Party, an extremely high percentage are also lawyers. Ask Bill Lockyer, Nadia Lockyer, John Edwards, Bill and Hillary Clinton, and the members of the Kennedy family for details concerning the skyhigh rates of alcoholism and drug abuse among DP elected officials who are also lawyers.

    In fact, the name Hillary Rodham Clinton contains all of the letters necessary to spell the word “CHARDONNAY.”


  4. Na, das o.k. We wants rule of law and out wid duh illegals over Alameda County way!


  5. So what happened, did the Board approve the sheriff's request?


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