Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern
and Supervisor Nate Miley.

Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley has long been one of the typically progressive Board of Supervisors’ must ardent supporters of the sheriff’s office and Urban Shield, the disaster training and weapons expo held annually in Pleasanton.

The morning after the Las Vegas shootings that resulted in 59 deaths and more than 500 injuries, Miley used the massacre to again express support for Urban Shield.

“I am saddened about the unnecessary loss of lives in the mass shooting in Las Vegas. I offer my deepest sympathy and condolences to everyone affected by this horrible tragedy,” Miley posted on Facebook Monday morning.

“This is why I support the need for [Alameda County Sheriff’s Office] Urban Shield and comprehensive, full-scale regional emergency preparedness and disaster plans.”

Critics of Urban Shield say the event promotes the over-militarization of local law enforcement has utilized stereotypes in the past during some training exercises, for instance, depicting Muslims as suspected terrorists.

The exposition portion of the event has also been criticized for including vendors selling merchandise, such as t-shirts and signs, with racist slogan and themes.

Urban Shield for created in 2007 by Alameda County Sheriff Gregory Ahern. This year’s edition was held in August.