Khanna wants a hearing on non-consensual condom removal

Rep. Ro Khanna

Two congressmembers, including Rep. Ro Khanna believe the act of men surreptitiously removing a condom during consensual sex is tantamount to rape.

The act known as “stealthing” requires a hearing during the House Judiciary Committee, argue Khanna and Rep. Carolyn Maloney (D-N.Y.).

“Consent is not up for discussion, it is a requirement for the entirety of any sexual interaction. Stealthing violates an agreement between partners and is a dangerous form of sexual assault,” said Khanna.

“The implications of the practice of nonconsensual condom removal are far-reaching with respect to the ongoing national conversation on the definition of consensual sex.”

In a letter to the chair and ranking Democratic on the Judiciary Committee requesting a hearing, Khanna and Maloney wrote, “Nonconsenual condom removal done without the other partner’s knowledge is an emerging section of policy and legislation on sexual assault and rape. A hearing would allow Members of Congress the opportunity to gain knowledge and expertise on an issue that is becoming increasingly relevant.”