Oakland Councilmembers Rebecca Kaplan and Desley Brooks expressed bewilderment Friday after an inquiry into the Aug. 16 raid in Oakland conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents was abruptly removed from consideration at yesterday’s Oakland City Council Rules Committee. The item was previously scheduled for next Tuesday.

The request was made by Rules Committee members Abel Guillen and Anne Campbell Washington. The city is currently investigating Oakland Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick‘s involvement in the ICE raid on a West Oakland home that resulted in the arrest of an undocumented individual. The impetus for pulling the item is concern it could conflict with the investigation.

Kaplan and Brooks, in a statement Friday, said city staff had already completed its report on the matter and neither the city attorney’s office or OPD had requested the item pulled the council calendar.

They, instead, speculated it was the work of the mayor’s office. “Some are voicing their concerns that the item may have been pulled as an ask from the Mayor’s Administration as an attempt to not agitate the current internal investigation of the Chief of Police,” said the joint statement.

“I think it’s inappropriate to try to hide this report and vital that we clearly protect our community from ICE.” said Kaplan.

Included in the request for information is a chronology of the Aug. 16 raid; the date the memorandum of understanding between OPD and ICE was terminated, and the police department’s specific involvement, among other questions.

“There has been a significant amount of concern with respect to the raid that took place,” said Brooks. “The events surrounding the ICE operation were especially troubling because the City Council has set a sanctuary policy that bars any city employee, including police, from assisting federal immigration agents when they are enforcing civil immigration laws.”