Rep. Eric Swalwell often times used a conversational tone to question U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions during a House Judiciary hearing Tuesday. In effect, attempting to out-folks the genteel Alabamian over the Trump campaign’s alleged collusion with Russia during the 2016 presidential elections.

In response to several lines of questioning from Swalwell, Sessions said he was aware of Trump campaign aide Carter Page‘s trip to Russia during last year’s campaign. Page testified before a House Intelligence Committee that he had informed Sessions of his trip.

Sessions responded that “while I do not challenge his account, I have no recollection.”

“He told you he was going to Russia,” Swalwell asked. “He was on the national security team. You didn’t tell him not to go?”

Sessions replied, “Am I supposed to tell him not to go on a trip?”

“Mr. Page said that after the meeting was over, he said he was going to Russia and I had no response,” Sessions told Swalwell. “I don’t think that means I’ve done anything dishonest.”

On Monday, The Atlantic reported a private Twitter exchange between Donald Trump, Jr. and WikiLeaks. Sessions sidestepped whether this was appropriate in light of suspicions that WikiLeaks is tied to Russia.

“Do you love WikiLeaks?” asked Swalwell.

“I’m not a fan of WikiLeaks,” said Sessions.