2018 Predictions: With 99% certainty, here’s who will win East Bay races this year

Much will happen on the campaign trail this spring and fall leading to the June primary and November General Election. Someone will say something stupid, others won’t utter a single interesting thought. However, surprises in the form of candidates who jumped into races (or out, for that matter) can’t be known today. For all we know, the #MeToo hashtag might make its way to the East Bay and trigger a hard fought special election? C’mon, East Bay elected officials can’t all be saints, could they? But as of today, here’s your crystal ball for how this will all go down–with 99 percent certainty.

House of Representatives
13th District (Oakland-Berkeley-Alameda-San Leandro)
*Barbara Lee-D, congressmember
15th District (Hayward-Fremont-Tri Valley)
Brendan St. John-NPP
*Eric Swalwell-D, congressmember
17th District (Fremont-San Jose-Cupertino)
➠Filed Intent
Ron Cohen-R, certified public accountant
*Ro Khanna-D, congressmember
Khahn Tran-D, Alum Rock school board member
State Assembly
15th District (Richmond-North Oakland-Berkeley)
➠Filed Intent
Judy Appel-D, Berkeley school board member
Ben Bartlett-D, Berkeley councilmember
Jovanka Beckles-D, Richmond councilmember
Dan Kalb-D, Oakland councilmember
Andy Katz-D, EBMUD board director
Rochelle Okimoto-D, El Cerrito councilmember
Owen Poindexter-D
Cheryl Sudduth-D
Buffy Wicks-D, political consultant
➠Showing Interest
Rebecca Kaplan-D, Oakland councilmember
Dianne Martinez-D, Emeryville mayor
16th District (Tri-Valley)
➠Filed Intent
*Catharine Baker-R, assemblymember
Rebecca Bauer-Kahan-D, immigration attorney
Tom Tarantino-D, policy manager, Twitter
18th Assembly (Oakland-Alameda-San Leandro)
➠Filed Intent
*Rob Bonta-D, assemblymember
20th District (Hayward-Tri Cities-Fremont)
➠Filed Intent
*Bill Quirk-D, assemblymember
Jim Rinehart-NPP
25th District (Fremont-Milpitas-San Jose)
➠Filed Intent
Bob Brunton-R, Fremont business owner
*Kansen Chu-D, assemblymember
State Senate
10th District (Hayward-Castro Valley-Fremont)
➠Filed Intent
*Bob Wieckowski-D, state senator
Alameda County
Alameda County Board of Supervisors
District 3
*Wilma Chan, supervisor, Alameda County
District 2
*Richard Valle, supervisor, Alameda County
Treasurer-Tax Collector
➠Filed Intent
Henry Levy, appointed treasurer-tax collector, Alameda County
Alameda County District Attorney
➠Filed Intent
*Nancy O’Malley, district attorney, Alameda County
Pamela Price, attorney
Alameda County Sheriff
*Gregory Ahern, sheriff, Alameda County
AC Transit Board of Directors
Ward 3 (Alameda-Oakland-San Leandro)
*Elsa Ortiz, board director, AC Transit
Ward 4 (San Leandro-Unincorporated ALCO-Hayward)
*Mark Williams, board director, AC Transit
Ward 5 (Hayward-Newark-Fremont)
*Jeff Davis, board director, AC Transit
*Joel Young, board director, AC Transit
BART Board of Directors
District 4 (Oakland-Alameda)
*Robert Raburn, board director, BART
District 6 (Hayward-Tri-Cities)
*Thomas Blalock, board director, BART
Frank Matarrese, councilmember, Alameda
*Trish Spencer, mayor, Alameda
➠Showing Interest
Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft, councilmember, Alameda
Malia Vella, councilmember, Alameda
City Council (Choose 2)
Tony Daysog, former councilmember, Alameda
*Jim Oddie, councilmember, Alameda
➠Showing Interest
John Knox White, planning board member, Alameda
David Mitchell, planning board member, Alameda
Lena Tam, former Alameda councilmember
City Council
District 1
*Linda Maio, councilmember, Berkeley
District 4
*Kate Harrison, councilmember, Berkeley
District 7
*Kriss Worthington, councilmember, Berkeley
➠Showing Interest
James Chang, rent board member, Berkeley
District 8
*Lori Droste, councilmember, Berkeley
*Barbara Halliday, mayor, Hayward
Mark Salinas, councilmember, Hayward

City Council (Choose 2)

*Sara Lamnin, councilmember, Hayward
*Marvin Peixoto, councilmember, Hayward
➠Showing Interest
Wynn Grcich, community activist
Joe Ramos, businessman
➠Filed Intent
Ignacio De La Fuente, former Oakland councilmember
Ken Houston, community activist
Saied Karamooz, member, Oakland Privacy Advisory Commission
*Libby Schaaf, mayor, Oakland
City Council
District 2
Nikki Fortunato Bas, exec. dir., East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy
*Abel Guillén, councilmember, Oakland
➠Showing Interest
Lailan Huen, community activist
District 4
*Anne Campbell Washington, councilmember, Oakland
District 6
*Desley Brooks, councilmember, Oakland
City Auditor
*Brenda Roberts, city auditor, Oakland
Someone else
San Leandro
*Pauline Cutter, mayor, San Leandro
➠Showing Interest
Benny Lee, councilmember, San Leandro
City Council
District 1
*Deborah Cox, councilmember, San Leandro
Ken Pon, certified public account
District 3
➠Filed Intent
Victor Aguilar, Jr., school board member, SLUSD
*Lee Thomas, councilmember, San Leandro
District 5
*Corina Lopez, councilmember, San Leandro

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4 replies

  1. Lee Thomas is not the sho in. He has ticked off many including his entire Floresta Gardens neighborhood
    If Aguilar runs a good race he can win


  2. Hayward voters don't care what's going on or if their mayor can speak in complete sentences. I agree Halliday will be mayor of Hayward until her head explodes from pounding her gavel and yelling out that she is the mayor.


  3. By MW:

    Councimember Lee Thomas, and who is running for re-election in San Leandro District 3, is so extremely corrupt, and also so very skilled at arranging illegal backroom fixes, that therefore based on the “standards” of California liberal politics, he should be moved up to much higher office, and such as for instance US Senator of California Attorney General.

    And it is a total waste of great talent having Desley Brooks on the Oakland City Council, since with her particular skills she should be the head clown in a major circus, and altho of course a lot of people would argue that Bay area politics is nothing but a circus and filled with clowns.


  4. By MW:

    I had a typographical error In my above post. Specifically, the fourth last word in the first paragraph should not be of, but should be OR.

    And as far as the “standards” and “integrity” of Lee Thomas, if he had succeeded in retaining permission to build that ILLEGAL long and tall fence extension on his property which would have blocked the view of drivers, and therefore most likely would have eventually led to small children being killed, the financial hits to the city of San Leandro would have been so huge that it would have made the three million plus dollars Oakland might have to end up paying because of the Desley Brooks/Elaine Brown incident look like chieckenfeed.


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