Rep. Barbara Lee has been critical of Trump’s
comments toward North Korea in the past.

“I’ll say it again,” said East Bay Rep. Barbara Lee on Tuesday. “President Trump is unhinged.”

The reason for Lee’s criticism followed many others who believe an early morning tweet sent by President Donald Trump was irresponsible and could have triggered a nuclear conflict with North Korea.

This is at least the third time Lee has voiced concern over Trump’s comments toward North Korea and its leader, Kim Jong-Un. And twice she has used Trump’s tweets as the impetus for highlighting a House bill authored by California Rep. Ted Lieu, which Lee co-sponsored, to deny the president the power to launch a nuclear strike without congressional approval.

“It’s absurd that we are living in times when one tweet can endanger millions of American lives,” Lee said Tuesday night. “Congress needs to intervene and act immediately to vote on the ‘No First Use Act’ that will stop Trump from waking up one morning and hitting the button.”

Last September, Lee gave a House floor speech saying, “Provoking Kim will not make us any safer, it will only raise the temperature on an already volatile situation.” She added, “There is no military solution to the conflict with North Korea. This administration must end the name-calling and the saber-rattling. President Trump must de-escalate his rhetoric before it is too late.”

Trump’s tweet seemingly started 2018 with the same controversial and frenetic pace that highlighted much of last year. In addition to Lee, fellow East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell, another constant critic of the president, also delivered a broadside on Tuesday.