ALCO prosecutor to Republican Central Committee: Don’t vote for Price


Prosecutor has given O’Malley’s campaign $8,750 this election cycle

Outside of contributions from local police unions, Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley’s most generous group of donors has been attorney’s working in her own office. Alameda County prosecutors have consistently poured tens of thousands in contributions to O’Malley’s re-election campaign.

For example, Alameda County Deputy District Attorney John Brouhard has donated a total of $8,750 to his boss’s campaign over the course of the current election cycle. But while other Alameda County prosecutors have written sizable checks to O’Malley’s campaign recently, Brouhard took it a step further Wednesday when he lobbied the Alameda County Republican Central Committee to vote against O’Malley’s challenger, Oakland civil rights attorney Pamela Price, according to those at the meeting in San Leandro.

“He wasn’t pounding the table for O’Malley,” said Alameda County Republican Central Committee member Ron Cohen, “he was begging us to tell our supporters to look down the ballot and not to vote for Pamela Price.”

Brouhard’s appearance was not part of the committee’s regular meeting and lasted just five minutes. But during the presentation, Brouhard pounded at two themes, according to those in attendance: Price will  ignore away from the prosecutorial aspects of the job, if elected, in addition, to the late emergence in the race of progressive billionaire George Soros, who is funding a campaign in support of Price.

“He said [Price] is a civil rights attorney and a political ideologue,” said Cohen,” and an existential threat to administration of justice in county.”

Katie Merrill, Price’s campaign consultant, said Price intends to use her background to reform the DA’s office. “As District Attorney, Pamela Price will use her 30 years of experience as a civil rights attorney to reform the Alameda County DA’s office by ending mass incarceration and racial disparities in prosecutions and by taking on police abuse and misconduct.”

Raising Soros’ name in front of conservatives, as the prosecutor did, is akin to progressives foaming at the mouth at the mere mention of the Koch Brothers and their right-wing agenda. “What interest does he have in Alameda County?” said Cohen. “He’s some guy who lives in Hungary.”

Over the past month, Soros has spent $275,000 through an independent expenditure committee in support of reform-minded candidates for district attorney in Sacramento and San Diego Counties, along with Price in Alameda County.

Brouhard’s presentation Wednesday, however, will not lead to anything official, in terms of support for O’Malley among the county GOP since she is a registered Democrat.


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  1. Thanks for the coverage of this important issue.

    The District Attorney, while affiliated with a political party, is supposed to administer JUSTICE, evenly. I listened to a debate with Mr. Price.

    Here is the debate I listened to, in part, weeks ago:


    Ms. Price: “I am a drum major for Justice….Prosecutors have been at the heart of mass incarceration. …They [Prosecutors] drove the bus from the playgrounds to the prisons.”

    Then I turned it off. I’ve served on juries. I’m a Republican, but I have no complaint with what I saw in the Justice system. It should be largely non-partisan. Ms. O’Malley’s office does a every, every difficult job. That does not mean I would agree with Ms. O’Malley on every issue, but the charge of “mass incarceration” is outrageous hyperbole.

    Defendants get endless opportunities to defend themselves. If their lawyer is incompetent, the judge steps in to help out to make it fair. HOW DARE YOU, Ms. Price, talk as if there is an agenda to incarcerate anyone. This shows you are not qualified for the job.

    This is more Obama-type “Promise Program” junk, where criminal students are ignored so there is no record of their crimes…so they have a second, third and 15th chance, putting the community at risk. Please see the Parkland shooting case regarding Mr. Cruz.

    As many studies show, they reason many more young people in the black and latino communities are incarcerated is directly related to the lack of family values and social support systems in, SOME PARTS, of those communities. Work on that before attacking the justice system that keeps the law-abiding parts of society, safe.

    No, rather, via “transference,” just like Congresswoman Barbara Lee, in the Bay Area where there is more wealth, and opportunity, and willingness to help poor communities to rise to and beyond the middle-class, of course, it is the D.A.’s offices’ fault. Are there real problems? Sure! Is the D.A. out to get poor communities? Hogwash.

    That is why the candidacy of Ms. Price is not just a debate between two (D)s with different, reasonable view. Ms. Price is funded by the Globalist, race-baiter, George Soros. Ms. Price’s elections would be the path toward Socialism and more racial division. I fear Ms. Price’s vision of utopian justice.

    Thank you.


  2. F.Y.I., Mr. Soros was recently kicked out of Hungary and moved his office to refugee-obsessed, Germany. All should watch the 60 Minutes interview, on YouTube, of Mr. Soros where he describes his time working with the Nazis, as a young man, rounding-up Jews, as “one of the best times in my life.” Spawn of the devil, type of stuff. Ms. Price should not be involved with such a retched human being.


  3. Here is the 60 Minutes video on George Soros, below.

    I want to be absolutely precise. Unlike, Ms. Price, I like to say things based on real evidence.

    I recall hearing, perhaps in another video, Mr. Soros saying his time working for the Nazis was “the best time in his life.” In this video, he says, that as a 14 year old, rounding up property from the Jews was “No problem at all”…because if he was not involved, the property and round-up of people would have taken place anyway. He goes on to say how this shaped his character and taught him how to “anticipate the future.”

    To him, and his character, even now, it was just another business transaction.

    I applaud him for staying alive during that horrible time. I am repulsed by his lack of empathy for the big picture. Perhaps this is the way he deals with the guilt. I do acknowledge, events at the time were out of his personal control.

    I would expect a normal human being to say: “It was horrible. My friends and relatives were being murdered, but I did what I needed to do to stay alive. That’s the best I could do.” But he didn’t say that. He didn’t say anything close to that.

    Nice folks you accept funding from, Ms. Price.

    See @7:00 and thereafter.

    I also observe, that as of this date, there has been no reply to my comments. Just the sound of crickets. That, alone, says a lot.


  4. Correction: Mr. Soro lives in the State of New York. He does not live in Hungary, as I thought and said. He is from Hungary. He had a Non-Governmental Organization in Hungary, that he move to Germany, because the Hungarians, rightly, kicked him out.

    So, my comment in the article about “Some guy who lives in Hungary.” Was incorrect.

    My comment should have been: “Why is some guy from Katonah, New York getting involved in an election in Alameda county.”

    I know the answer. Mr. Soros is a globalist power freak, and I am so glad Ms. Price LOST.


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