East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell wants to be president. That much is clear. He even recently purchased the web domain Swalwell2020.com. But many other Democrats are currently gauging their chances in advance of the next president election season. Shall we add another from the East Bay?

Perhaps so, after Rep. Ro Khanna teamed with Rep. Russ Feingold Tuesday to pen an opinion piece specially written for the Concord Monitor, New Hampshire’s most influential newspaper. It is also the home of the New Hampshire primary, the state where presidential hopes are built and destroyed.

The opinion piece details the idea of “Democracy Dollars” a tool they say that would limit the power of special interest money in politics. Khanna has previously proffered the idea and authored legislation that allots voters with $50 in contributions for a presidential candidate of their choosing. In theory, Democracy Dollars would dull the power of wealthy donors and political action committees.

“The American people are fed up with a government that taxes them but doesn’t work for them. This frustration is turning into calls to action for reform,” wrote Feingold and Khanna. The sentiment traditionally plays well with independent-minded voters in the Granite State. (Recall the state’d motto: Live Free or Die.)

There was additional evidence this week that Khanna released a low-key trial balloon for a presidential campaign. A Wednesday item in the Politico California Playbook coyly floated the idea of adding Khanna to the growing list of potential presidential candidates.
Khanna politico playbook

Khanna, though, disagrees.