‘World’s smartest leader’s’ campaign video has 10,000 views on Twitter


It remains to be seen whether Oakland resident and California gubernatorial candidate Peter Liu’s campaign song will rank higher on the Top 40 music charts than his position at the polls Tuesday.

Liu, the self-described “world’s smartest leader,” infamously ran for Oakland mayor four years ago on a platform that called for neighborhood militias and opposition to teen masturbation, among other unorthodox ideas, is among 25 candidates for governor Tuesday.

Liu Peter
Candidate for California governor Peter Liu used this photo as his official head shot for the ballot guide sent to all registered voters.

He is, by far, the most entertaining candidate in a field of professional politicians and a cast of wannabes. But it remains unclear whether Liu’s campaign for governor, in addition, to his Oakland mayoral campaign, is real or performance art.

Liu also has a knack for getting attention online. Video of a San Francisco Chronicle endorsement interview in 2014 inspired a comedy bit on the Jimmy Kimmel Live talk show. And last month, Liu received attention on Twitter when he donned a traditional Chinese imperial hat for the official photo that appears in the statewide ballot guide.

Below is the entire campaign video that includes the opening lyric, “I am wealthy/If you’re not/Let me lead you to prosperity.”