OAKLAND | MAYOR | Over the past few weeks, surprisingly few Oakland mayoral candidates have unleashed a feverish charge down the stretch. The campaign’s making things happen recently are led by Councilmember Libby Schaaf, Port of Oakland Commissioner Bryan Parker, Mayor Jean Quan and Joe Tuman, in that order.

Add little-known Peter Liu to the list.

Liu, an insurance agent by trade, has no chance of winning the election, but no other candidate in the race has drawn more attention than him. And while all other campaigns are spending a fortune through mailers, lawn signs and commercial, to gain the attention of voters, Liu gained over a million eye balls Monday night to his campaign.

Liu’s outrageous platforms were lampooned on ABC’s late night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live. Kimmel remarked about Liu’s oddly-shaped earlobes and mocked his stance on the nexus of children, the Internet and masturbation.

Previously, Liu, referring to himself as “Overseer Liu,” challenged the Oakland City Council to follow his lead as mayor or be “intellectually bitch-slapped.”