American people will view Trump-Kim summit as a success, says Khanna

Calling President Donald Trump’s summit with North Korea dictator Kim Jong Un a “breakthrough,” Rep. Ro Khanna continued to be critical of fellow Democrats and said if Barack Obama, instead of Trump was in Singapore, they would be applauding his efforts.

Khanna last week was critical of Sen. Chuck Schumer and other leading Democrats who sent a letter to Trump, essentially leaving no middle ground for the president to negotiate short of North Korea agreeing to full denuclearization.

“My disagreement with Sen. Schumer in that letter is that he is basically parroting the talking points of John Bolton, saying we should not engage in any diplomacy or make any concessions without complete denuclearization,” Khanna said during an appearance on Democracy Now!

“I think the American people are going to view this as a constructive step and a success and so I think Democrats risk looking like we’re being excessively partisan criticizing the president,” said Khanna, before adding Trump’s performance has not been perfect and would certainly rather have someone else, like Obama participating in the negotiations, instead.

One thought on “American people will view Trump-Kim summit as a success, says Khanna

  1. OK. Mr. Khanna; you triggered me. You would have rather had President Barack Obama in that room with Kim Jong-un. You are kidding me. Right?

    Barack Obama is a closet socialist and his real father was a communist. Given the screwed-up, unsigned Iran deal, I would not want him anywhere near the table with Kim. Mr. Obama had plenty of opportunity to have a summit meeting. But he hadn’t the guts to turn-up the sanctions and move in the aircraft carriers; nor could he develop a relationship with China to put the heat on Mr. Kim… because Mr. Obama didn’t like to hurt anyone’s feelings. His skill set is that of a corporate middle-manager, so he couldn’t figure out how to do it. Such people TAKE orders from George Soros; they don’t show leadership and set bold policy.

    It is hilarious that the most important “summit” type thing Mr. Obama did during his terms, was to whisper in the ear of Dmitry Medvedev — “Tell Mr. Putin I’ll have more flexibility in my second term.” Right, that is THE SAME Mr. Putin that Mr. Trump is being burdened with an endless witch hunt. Who is the real traitor?

    In that moment, Mr. Obama showed he is a rancid globalist, making a non-transparent deal with Putin’s associate, because he was not working for the American people. What elected official tells the other global power, that he’ll be MORE empowered after his second election? Being elected the first time is not empowering enough to do what is right? Apparently not, when your loyalties are not to our country. Weak, Weak, Weak, globalist.

    Perhaps, someday, the (D) party will admit that, while not perfect, a lot of good things are happening, directly because of the strength of Mr. Trumps experience and personality.

    Mr. Obama, could talk for over an hour, with no notes, in ways that gave me hope in 2008. Then, he spent 8 years being a timid man of inaction and duplicity. …and THAT is why your party lost the 2016 presidential election. Many Americans can see right through it…as they do your comments above.

    You would rather have had President Bill Clinton in that room?? Well, that might have worked. I hear Mr. Kim is also a rapist, so he and Bill would have been able to share notes. Or, well perhaps Bill and Kim would discuss how Bill gave Kim’s father billions in cash, and nuke technology to get us to this dangerous point in time. I’m sure Mr. Kim would be grateful to Clinton. I’m sure that money Clinton provided, in part, paid for a few concentration and torture camps Kim runs. Well done, Bill.

    It is good you are support Mr. Trump in this matter. Thank you. To say you would have rather had Mr. Obama or Bill (the rapist) Clinton at the table is beyond ridiculous.


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