San Leandro’s ice cream texts

San Leandro non-profit leader Rose Padilla Johnson made allegations of sexual misconduct against City Manager Chris Zapata last November. Among the claims by Padilla Johnson was that Zapata repeatedly urged they discuss city business over an ice cream cone at a Foster’s Freeze in San Leandro. There, said Padilla Johnson in a complaint, Zapata made unwanted advances towards her and suggested the chances of the non-profit receiving a city loan rested upon submitting to his desires. An independent report last week found great fault with Padilla Johnson’s credibility. Among the reason why is the contents of a batch of text messages between Padilla Johnson and Zapata sent over a two-and-a-half year period that cast the Foster’s Freeze meetings in a far different light.


4 thoughts on “San Leandro’s ice cream texts

  1. Look into Davis Street’s questionably timed “merge” as they called it (but it was an acquisition, let’s just keep it real) with a tiny nonprofit called “Stepping Stones.” This nonprofit has been in the San Leandro community for over 20 years, operating with solid financial stability, helping the adults and children with disabilities community providing them with much needed services for decades.

    They’ve had very little controversy if any, a solid board, and years of community love and support, and the moment they were acquired by Davis Street, their financial status starts heading into the red and a complete non-transparent process shut down of their children’s program goes into affect. In two month, no joke kids with disabilities who have used this program since they were five and are now nearing adulthood, will have no place to go because Davis Street needs all the funding they can get to pay back overdue loans and allocate monies for cannibus profit (this is my speculation). It’s heartbreaking.

    Now there are suspicions a slow dismantling of the entire company is going to play out as each department hears less and less certainty to where they will literally be relocated to (because Davis Street has not found the nonprofit a new site with the lease up in three months). All the destruction of a fully functioning community based service that does so much good for so many vulnerable people will possibly be gone soon just for Davis’s mishandlings. Shame.


  2. Rose falsely accusing Zapata for sexual harassment is an embarrassment and insult to all the “me to” victims. It’s clear that Rose’s financial acumen is lacking as well as any semblance of integrity. She is not fit to run the Davis Street Resource Center and should be removed immediately.


  3. Steve, so who advanced the money to Rose to pay off the debt? This certainly shows that Rose is not to be trusted at all and should be removed. Perhaps the center should be closed and another example of Non Profits operating without sufficient oversight when they are given public funds.


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