Former San Leandro city manager ousted in Anaheim and his fall seems familiar

Former San Leandro City Manager Chris Zapata's departure two years ago ended one of the strangest periods in the city's political history. He was accused of sexual harassment by the head of a well-known local profits that included, depending on the point of view, romantic texts, and featuring multiple rendezvous for ice cream at the … Continue reading Former San Leandro city manager ousted in Anaheim and his fall seems familiar

Zapata pledges to donate his severance package to San Leandro charities

Another twist in the San Leandro city manager scandal

San Leandro is directing appointed officials to sign agreement pledging not to disparage departed city manager

City may be worried about potential legal liabilities, but the agreement could also hamper some commissioners who are running for the City Council this fall.

Associate believed San Leandro city manager and non-profit accuser were having an affair

Did East Bay insider Gordon Galvan throw his long-time associate Rose Padilla Johnson under the bus, according to a 50-page report that clears the city manager of sexual harassment claims?

San Leandro city manager’s future not certain

San Leandro City Council schedules special closed session for Monday evening.

Hinting at San Leandro scandal, council calls for ordinance to track lobbyists

Proposed ordinance would track interactions between paid lobbyists and city officials, but there were many hints as to why it's needed.

San Leandro’s ice cream texts

A batch of text messages between Padilla Johnson and Zapata cast the infamous Foster's Freeze meetings in a far different light.

San Leandro reinstates city manager after report finds accuser’s claims of sexual misconduct were not credible

Independent investigation repeatedly questions Davis Street CEO Rose Padilla Johnson's claims of sexual misconduct by the city manager.