OAKLAND: Pamela Price is running for mayor

During her run earlier this year for Alameda County district attorney Pamela Price used a message of social equity and a forceful critique of law enforcement to put a serious scare into incumbent D.A. Nancy O’Malley.

Although Price’s rhetoric may have fallen flat in many parts of Alameda County, her words acted as a clarion call in Oakland, where Price outpaced O’Malley in large portions of the city.

It’s likely a reason why Price filed an intent Tuesday to challenge the re-election of Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf  this November.

Pamela Price at a candidate forum last May in Oakland with Alameda County District Attorney Nancy O’Malley.

Rumors of Price entering the mayoral race this fall were increasing in recent days. In some cases, speculation arose from an email Price sent over the weekend to supporters to advertise a planning meeting for her Real Justice Political Action Committee.

Price is the fourteenth candidate to file an intention to run against Schaaf. The filing deadline is Aug. 10.

Before Price entered the field, Schaaf’s top challenger was viewed as Cat Brooks, a community organizer, who like Price, has long been a critic of the Oakland Police Department, and growing inequality in the city, among other issues common among them.

Oakland, like Berkeley and San Leandro, operate municipal elections using Ranked-Choice Voting. Under the system in which voters rank their top three choices, a 1-2 pairing of Price and Brooks could represent a formidable challenge to Schaaf’s re-election.

But campaign financing is also likely to be a big issue for determining the outcome of the November election. It is not clear whether Price, whose fundraising record during her campaign for district attorney was a bit spotty, can attract the kind of donor pool needed to come close to Schaaf’s well-financed campaign.

In addition, another question is whether Price can benefit from outside independent expenditure committees like the group funded by progressive billionaire activist George Soros that put a significant late charge into Price’s race against O’Malley.

14 thoughts on “OAKLAND: Pamela Price is running for mayor

  1. Sal:
    YOU ARE SO RIGHT! Price should start at the bottom, and at least work her way up; serve on a commission, run for school board; whatever it takes for experience. To run for Mayor just a couple of months after losing a district attorney race; is just bizarre/


  2. Well, Pamela Price you couldn’t win the top cop race and some other seat you ran for, so, I guess you said, let me see, let me throw Mayor up against the wall and see if it stick. At this point, it’s obvious that Pamela Price needs a job, would someone at Target or Walmart offer her a job in security so, she can stop applying for jobs that she’s not qualify for. Ms. Price you couldn’t run your law practice and hold on to it, you couldn’t win the race for top cop (and some other seat you ran for), now Mayor, as a voter I’m losing count on your train racks, pump the brakes, slow down, take a deep breath, you just came out of a major race and loss. Black people, stop voting for black people because their black, you give that person a false since hope when their not qualified. Pamela Price need to work her way up through the ranks for the jobs she’s applying for, she needs to stop trying to go to one- hundred without all of the other numbers in between. Ms. Price ( with experience ) could probably be a good politician. So, Ms. Price stop making yourself look desperate applying for jobs your not qualified for and apply for jobs where you can get some experience and then thow something against the wall. Through shock and amazement, something just might stick.


  3. Pam Price, the casebook definition of:

    Union “whore” is a legitimate term. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary has a definition for this which has NOTHING to do with either women or sex/sexuality. In short, one who prostitutes himself/herself on behalf of an entrenched and corrupt person or group is absolutely a —–whore, fill in the preceding dashes with whichever adjective you like. Case in point, some of the most infamous union whores in addition to Bonta and Camacho are: Gavy Newsance, Boss Willie Brown, Boss London Breed, Dirty Dick Valley, Bill Quirk and Don Perata. Union whores are both men and women, Caucasian, black, Hispanic, etc. The list goes on and on.


  4. This is hype, Price has zero chance of winning. Just becauseshe had supporters vote for her for district attorney does not mean they will vote for her for Mayor of a major city. She is not remotely qualified. One, Schaaf is the incumbent and two Schaaf is realitively popular among diverse races. Schaaf is no Jean Quan, Price picked the wrong race


  5. Pamela Price’s race for Mayor of Oakland silly. Clearly a vanity run. She ran for state assembly in 2014; and lost, just ran for Distict Attorney,and lost, now running for Mayor. She has had never held public office; and he just ran for office and lost! Who would fund this race? This woman is just desperate for public office. After she loses the Mayors race, she will just try to run for something else


  6. I’d love to see Price’s case work, which would be one for the ages! She is the perfect libtard dog whistle for Oakland… you get what you deserve Oakland, you better hid the silverware!


  7. Ron,

    Chicago is just Chicago. I really think it is silly to try to simplify the issues, especially there. Chicago has been corrupt since its beginning, just like virtually every city.

    The corruption comes from power & privilege coupled with a massive disparity in education and wealth.

    The American Dream was about the Melting Pot, Hard Work, a Living Wage & Education and was tied to rise of the Middle Class.

    The reality if history tells us that the rise of the middle class came from increased wages for workers and protected collective bargaining, expanded education, pensions and retirement, and out of control governmental spending with increases in technology.

    The truth I think is that Technology is the issue since it is removing jobs from folks that worked hard but no longer are needed in those former jobs.

    Technology when coupled with Globalization gives us what we have today throughout America.

    1. Great disparity in wealth. Remember Haymarket for Chicago and the rise of the Progressives with Atgeld, LaFolette, Debs, Bryant, and Roosevelt. This is even greater today with little interest in narrowing the gap. This is what had destroyed the cities of America.

    2. Great disparity in Education. Little support for continuing education. Now all we have for the unskilled are dead end jobs in fast food or some other service oriented job where the worker knows so little as to be skilled in only what they can be trained. Like a teller or the Help–Customer Service Specialist on the phone.

    3. Jobs today are lacking in Dignity, Meaning, Sense of Place & Purpose. Yes the job needs to feed the needs, but it also has to mean more than money. Folks who study will tell you that workers work for more than the check.

    4. Capitalism is Good. The alternatives did not and do not work. But Capitalism needs to reflect Inclusiveness and Sustainability. There must be Reciprocity as a part of the system.

    5. Facts are facts and the science is just that. There is no chance of democracy and compromise without basic truths. Denying Facts and presenting lies as facts is as bad today as it was when Copernicus and Gaileo were forced under threat of death of recasting.

    These virtues above are part and parcel of American Democracy. What has happened is a loss of this. The issues are now single issues which divide us without hope of compromise. I do not mean the disgraceful diplomatic failures with Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Israel, Putin, the Chinese, Syria. Iran, or Turkey or North Korea. The tragedy is that this has been done at the expense of our Allies in Europe,
    NORTH America, Central America, South America, South East Asia and Africa.

    5. speak to the dignity,


  8. Yes, I know Congresswomen Lee is not running for Mayor. She is the Congresswomen for much of Oakland…running unopposed for re-election. That is clearly, the “mix” I was referring to. Lee does even more harm in Washington, D.C, then she could do as major.

    On Dellums, Nixon and Reagan. We largely agree. Reagan’s Iran-Contra Deal was real, real bad. I like so much of Ronald Reagan’s policies…but he blew it on that issue….and the cocaine sold as a result hurt a lot of people in the U.S. Reagan let the C.I.A. run that project and, history tells us, that is always an awful mistake.

    Cool. We agree on Oakland and Ms. Price. Sorry I wrote, “Mr.” Price, above. I will pray for both. I really want people to do well.

    Oakland was a jewel of a city in the 1940’s and 1950’s. So sad. It is in a beautiful spot. I hope it can regain its glory. Seems it is gentrifying, slowly, back to a very nice place to live in selected areas.

    Did you know that in the 1960’s, the Black community had a lower rate of unwed mothers than the White Community? Many Black Christians and members of the Nation of Islam…were very, very conservative in social values.

    Believe me, I think it is wrong that San Francisco was 20% Black in the 1960’s, and now is 2% Black. That is not good nor fair. But, if progressives like the S.F. Mayors and Nancy Pelosi can’t find a way for San Francisco to be accommodating to the Black population…maybe, just maybe, they should try some conservative politics for a while…same with Oakland.

    We (R)s, don’t really care if people are Black. We care if they are peaceful, kind, building communities and productive.

    Oh, 30 people got shot on the July 4th weekend in progressive, loving, Social Justice Warrior Chicago.
    Good luck with that, (D)s.



  9. Ron,

    There are lots of candidates running for the office of mayor in Oakland. You should know that Barbara Lee is not.

    Ron Dellums should be in jail for all the income tax fraud he committed while mayor and before. He is a good example of a Democratic Party crook. He is not however in jail like many of his Republican Party contemporaries. Whole lot of real crooks in the Sixties and Seventies. Think Nixon and later Reagan selling guns and cocaine to Iran, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Panama.

    I agree Oakland and Pamela Price are a joke. Reply me is not funny. He is typical of what happens to politicians. Do not trust any of them.


  10. HA! LOL! Tears of laughter are streaming out of my eyes!

    A choice of:

    1) Libby Schaaf, who should be in jail for tipping-off illegal aliens of an I.C.E. raid. I actually filed a complaint against her.
    2) Pamela Price – A George Soro funded Globalist, race-baiting attorney who thinks black and brown people are victims of “mass incarceration.”

    Oakland gets to choose between very the worst American politics has to offer.

    Then you add Congresswoman Barbara Lee to the mix, and the you have the whole team for “Democratic Socialism.”

    Theomordha…you know Ron Dellums was (maybe still is) in massive trouble for not paying his taxes.
    Your comment was about whether Ms. Price’s supporters will even bother to register and vote. Valid point!
    The sad truth is, even in the district where I live, about 50% of the people really, really could care less and think all of politics is a dysfunctional joke. I don’t blame them.

    Mr. Price running for much of anything (after I heard her debate with Nancy O’Malley) proves the point.

    Best of luck!


  11. This is the perfect place for Pamela Price. She has a solid constituency. If they vote she will win. Of course that has not happened since the case of Ron Dellums.


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