Gloating follows a long night of election returns

A day after Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty may have learned who will be his successor, the irascible retiring elected official tweeted a snarky message for the likely losing candidate. Dublin Mayor David Haubert appears poised to be the winner of a hard-fought campaign over Fremont Councilmember Vinnie Bacon. Haggerty's used Bacon's salty and fried … Continue reading Gloating follows a long night of election returns

With close races, Oakland’s election night will likely bleed into morning

Look for extremely close toss-up races in Oakland's Districts 2, 4, and a nail biter in District 6 next Tuesday.

Cat Brooks says, ‘I love you Oakland’ in new campaign video

Last spring, New York congressional candidate Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's two-minute campaign video reset the course for underdog progressive candidates across the country. Ocasio-Cortez ultimately defeated 20-year Democratic Rep. Joe Crowley. A similar dynamic exists in Oakland and mayoral candidate Cat Brooks is hoping to tap into a similar anxiety with the status quo in a new campaign … Continue reading Cat Brooks says, ‘I love you Oakland’ in new campaign video

Schaaf said she ‘fired’ three Oakland police chiefs, not two?

"She's on TV saying he quit for personal reasons. But she lied," says mayoral challenger Pamela Price.

Wellstone Dems are in an anti-incumbent mood

The East Bay's largest progressive group is backing a number of candidates running insurgent campaign against Oakland incumbents for the mayor's race and two council matchups. The Wellstone Renewal Club is apparently not immune from the current zeitgeist surrounding far left candidates in the state and some parts of the country. The group also endorsed … Continue reading Wellstone Dems are in an anti-incumbent mood

Oakland mayoral candidates tear into Schaaf’s handling of homeless problem

Schaaf defends use of Tuff Sheds to house the homeless, says the temporary solution is working

Cat Brooks on police reform in Oakland

If we could police and incarcerate our way into safety we’d be the safest country in the world. We need to get to the gun before the bullet flies, not hold the mothers as they mourn.-Oakland mayoral candidates Cat Brooks, speaking at the Alameda County Democratic Party candidate forum Thursday night in Oakland.

OAKLAND: Libby Schaaf, Loren Taylor, Chris Young report $100k in fundraising this year

Oakland District 4 candidates who recently suspended his campaign, reported an impressive $113,000 in contributions

OAKLAND: Pamela Price is running for mayor

Pamela Price ran a spirited campaign for Alameda County DA that ended less than two months ago. She is the 14th candidate to file papers to challenge Libby Schaaf.

ELECTIONLINE: Cassidy watch in San Leandro; Beckles endorsement; AD18 candidate wants to shrink Alameda Fire

SAN LEANDRO CITY COUNCIL D1 For the better part of the last year, San Leandro political parlor talk has been constantly included speculation over whether San Leandro Mayor Stephen Cassidy is interested in running for office this November. Any office, actually. Cassidy, whether intentional or not, has politlcal watchers in The 'Dro so off-balance that … Continue reading ELECTIONLINE: Cassidy watch in San Leandro; Beckles endorsement; AD18 candidate wants to shrink Alameda Fire

For two weeks, Kaplan was running for Oakland mayor, then she wasn’t

Campaign filings this week show that Oakland Councilmember Rebecca Kaplan opened a committee to begin fundraising for a run at Oakland mayor. Two weeks later she dropped out. What happened?

EBC|LIVE: Kaplan blasts Schaaf for losing BAAQMD seat: ‘It’s despicable behavior’

Despite rancor toward Schaaf, Kaplan says the endorsement of her challenger is not payback.

Rebecca Kaplan not running for mayor; endorses Cat Brooks, instead

For hours Thursday afternoon, Oakland and East Bay insiders debated whether Rebecca Kaplan was really running for mayor, but then there was a plot twist.