A day after Alameda County Supervisor Scott Haggerty may have learned who will be his successor, the irascible retiring elected official tweeted a snarky message for the likely losing candidate.

Dublin Mayor David Haubert appears poised to be the winner of a hard-fought campaign over Fremont Councilmember Vinnie Bacon.

Haggerty’s used Bacon’s salty and fried surname on Wednesday afternoon to skewer his underperforming Election Night showing.

In terms of endorsements, Bacon was clearly not Haggerty’s choice during the 2020 election cycle. Of the four candidates in the primary, Bacon was on the only challenger that Haggerty did not endorse.

Haggerty backed Dublin Councilmember Melissa Hernandez and state Sen. Bob Wieckowski in the primary. When both failed to advance to the General Election, Haggerty backed Haubert.

Haggerty announced his retirement last year after 24 years on the Board of Supervisors. He plans to relocate to Tennessee.

Election Night gloating was seen elsewhere. In Oakland, where housing activist Carroll Fife is posting a dominating defeat of incumbent District 3 Councilmember Lynette Gibson McElhaney, a fellow activist tweaked Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf on Twitter.

Cat Brooks, a longtime cohort of Fife in the battle for affordable housing in Oakland, along with police accountability, has often been a strong critic of Schaaf. Brooks even challenged Schaaf’s re-election two years ago.

Brooks later tweeted, “Libby tried to bully cajole manipulate and steal the local elections but the progressives won so yup I’m taking shots and poppin collars cause the PEOPLE got a W tonight.”

Fife’s big win represents yet another defeat of a Schaaf-backed council candidate in recent years. Schaaf second bid to unseat council rival Rebecca Kaplan appears to have also failed during this election. Kaplan holds a lead over businessman Derreck Johnson in the at-large race.

In recent election cycles, candidates not only endorsed by Schaaf, but in some cases, recruited by the mayor, have routinely fizzled at the ballot box. Only District 6 Councilmember Loren Taylor in 2018 has been able to break through.