Turnout in Alameda County is estimated to be 75 percent of all registered voters, the Registrar of Voters office said on Wednesday.

Despite perceptions of an energized electorate in the East Bay after four years of the Trump presidency, the projected turnout, while high, is about equal to the percentage of registered voters who participated in the 2016 General Election.

The county registrar received 728,114 ballots, the county registrar reported on Sunday night. In addition, just under five percent of the total ballots were cast on Election Day.

In 2016, also a presidential election year, turnout also topped 75 percent.

But despite the equal percentage of voter turnout in 2016 and this election, overall more people cast a ballot this time around than last. Registration skyrocketed in the past year to 996,088. County officials at one point last month predicted total registration could top 1 million.

During the March primary, which garnered 51 percent turnout, total registration stood at 918,124. In 2016, it was 888,709.

*This article was updated to reflect the county registrar’s revised turnout numbers.