First-time Hayward council candidate posts eye-popping finance report

Hayward Mayoral Candidates Post Unremarkable Fundraising Numbers

Aisha Wahab’s campaign for the Hayward City Council reported a startling $42,524 in campaign contributions received since mid-February. The amount is more than double the combined donations reported this year by the incumbents in the race–Councilmembers Sara Lamnin and Marvin Peixoto.

Wahab, a young and well-known Democratic Party activist in Southern Alameda County and the Tri-Cities Afghan community, reported cash on hand of $41,363, with just $1,160 in expenditures through the early goings of the Hayward at-large council race.  Wahab’s total also includes two loans totaling $6,424.

The exceptional early financial showing is likely to not only fuel her upstart run for the council, but more importantly, give notice to potential donors and labor unions that her campaign is viable. Her campaign finance report is primarily composed of a large number of small donors, although, a majority from outside of Hayward.

Lamnin, up for re-election this year for the first time, posted $14,932 in contributions since the beginning of the year, while spending $9,551. Lamnin’s re-election war chest reported a cash balance of $28,234 through June 30, with no loans.

Three unions contributed to Lamnin during the reporting period: Operating Engineers Local 3 ($750), Construction and General Laborers Local 304 PAC ($1,424), and Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 3 PAC ($150). Lamnin also received $1,424 from Good Government Now!, the Hayward Chamber of Commerce’s PAC.

Assemblymember Bill Quirk, State Sen. Bob Wieckowski, Fremont Councilmember Raj Salwan, and San Leandro Councilmember Benny Lee made small donations to Lamnin’s re-election campaign.

Meanwhile, Peixoto reported $7,679 in contributions, including $1,424 from the Hayward Chamber of Commerce PAC. His campaign spent just $354 during the six-month reporting period. Most notably, he reported a total of $50,300 in debt accumulated from council campaigns in 2008, 2010, and 2014.

Peixoto’s finance report, while notably paltry is nonetheless unsurprising for a candidate who has typically not raised significant amounts of fundraising over the years, despite two successful campaign for the council in 2010 and 2014.

The fourth in what has the potential for a sparsely populated field of candidates in Hayward, Didacus Ramos, reported $753.07 in cash on hand on contributions of $530 and $755 in expenditures. Ramos also reported $913 in loans to his campaign.

Halliday Salinas collage
Hayward Mayor Barbara Halliday and Councilmember Mark Salinas are heading toward a rematch of their 2014 race.

Hayward’s intra-council mayoral campaign between Mayor Barbara Halliday and Councilmember Mark Salinas, meanwhile, does not appear to be inspiring much enthusiasm, based on the mid-year finance reports. The race is a partial rematch of the three-way mayoral race in 2014.

Halliday received $14,587 in contributions through June 30, and spent just $4,803. Her total cash on hand is $30,161. The campaign also lists $13,000 in personals from prior campaign years.

Salinas was not far behind, reporting $15,154 in donations, along with $556 in expenditures, for a total cash reserve of $22,974, through June 30. Salinas’ campaign reported no debts.


4 thoughts on “First-time Hayward council candidate posts eye-popping finance report

  1. Do NOT vote for Assemblyman Bill Quirk. This politician co-authored a bill to put small 5G towers every 10 to 20 homes. He also wrote a bill to relinquish PG&E’s liability of the NorCal fires and deaths caused by those fires. Quirk’s son works for PG&E. Did Bill Quirk legalize murder? Now PG&E will raise the public’s utility bills to pay for their 5G cell tower fire liability. Those towers will increase brain tumors and sterilize our children. They put those small cell towers on schools first. Mount Edan High has one on Calaroga and Florida Street. You tube: The Dangers of 5G and the wireless network by Kevin Mottus, and You tube Dr. Barrie Trower: The Cooking of Humanity. Trump just raised the radiation levels of the EPA. Trump said,” A little radiation never hurt anyone.” I heard him say that on the radio. I want one of those cell towers in front of Trumps office and Mr. Bill Quirk’s home and office to prove to the public how safe they are. Microwave frequencies will hurt us and they’re getting away with it. We get enough radiation from the smart PG&E meter and new water meters.
    Hayward’s council and mayor voted an overspending budget in 2017 and into the future. This city spends 79.5% of its budget on city worker’s wages. No business would spend close to 80% of their income on salaries. Residents wonder why our city is falling apart? Einstein said, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.” Except for Marvin, why would anyone vote for the incumbents who overspend then tax us to death. The mayor has never balanced the budget in the 3 decades she has been on the council. Salinas is not the better of the two. He made $9,000 off the Hayward School District in the last three months of school, before the last city council election. No one knows what he did to earn that money. Mrs. Salinas was in the room when Superintendent Dobbs chest bumped the two trustees before he was fired. Why did she quit her job and not tell the police what happened? Something is rotten in Hayward. The school district hired a college professor
    Salinas three months before school ended to teach what??? Nobody knows. Was this three month position open to the public? Other things our council has done: Not firing our drunken fire chief or sending him to AA meetings. Giving our well-paid city manager a jumbo home loan through the general fund, etc… What happens if there is an earthquake and the city needs the funds? Why would you vote for corrupt officials like this? Drain the swamp!
    Vote no on the Hayward School Bond. They had two bonds all ready and the teachers supported Mr. Dobbs even though he put them 12 million in debt. Maintenance is part of a school budget. You don’t get it from a school bond.
    Brunner said, “They were going to install the new lead filtering water fountains in all the schools.” It wasn’t done. Did Brunner say that on TV to get votes and not follow through? Any child who drank from those fountains got high levels of lead in the water. These slum lords school trustees have jeopardized every Hayward resident since the schools are not maintained and don’t have safe drinking water.
    The school district wants to borrow a billion dollars. Remember Oakland went bankrupt. We are headed that way, too.


  2. This is the very best in American Democracy. I know nothing about wWahab’s politics. I am not sure who has bought her, but it cannot hurt to have her in place. Get rid of all the incumbents.


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