STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY-Episode 2: How Desley Brooks lures reporters into her car

Premiere Week continues with the realization that Oakland Councilmember Desley Brooks insists that reporters meet her at Eastmont Mall and jumped into her aging Lexus for interviews.

Plus, in The Breakdown, Steve looks at the 15th Assembly District race and how each candidates performed at the recent Alameda County Democratic Central Committee post-primary endorsement meeting last week.

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5 thoughts on “STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY-Episode 2: How Desley Brooks lures reporters into her car

  1. Bob,

    While you may be right, she enjoys the full support of her district. My guess is that you do not live there. If she lived in your neighborhood, I suspect you would have burned a cross in her front yard.


  2. Steve,

    Well your Number 2 was quite the log. Well Done!

    San Francisco Magazine cares about Oakland because the food and scene is more vibrant and affordable and of interest to its readership.

    San Francisco Politics is boring since Dan White offed himself. Virtually all of the Supervisors are all about Progressivism and very local issues. That is what is boring.

    Your comments on Desley Brooks and her trip to Eastmont Mall are telling and recall the reason why she is the Queen of Oakland Progressive Socialists. Her anger and love of her community are well presented and reflect the esteem and support she receives in Oakland.

    She is the leader of the Progressive Democratic Socialists in Alameda County and the anointed to succeed Barbara Lee. Desley is what Pamela Price and Jovanka Beckles and all the others seek. She is secure, reelectable, well funded, well known, and beloved by her overwhelming voting constituency. If this was San Francisco you would be assailed as a Shortist for calling out her diminutive stature. In San Francisco one must always be Politically Correct. Oakland and the East Bay are trying to get there. When they do, politics and commentary will become just as boring and as threatening as McCarthyism was in the Cold War.

    Beckles is the progressive leader for Richmond, but not the 15th District. She has yet to take her chip and have it owned by the balance of the District. When and if she does she will win. When she owns the constituency through the common issues as the nascent Ron Dellums in 1967-1974 she will win. However she is way too issue limited to have that appeal, at least at this time.

    Wicks is the outsider and lacks the politician chops of in the district. What she has is the backing of the traditional Democratic Party of Pelosi, Feinstein, Boxer, Carter, Mondale, Clinton, Gore, Obama, Biden & Clinton. Right now that is enough to defeat the Democratic Socialists in the 15th District for the Democratic Party Endorsement.

    What will that mean for the future of the Democratic Party in Alameda and Contra Costa County. I suspect that it will splinter as you postulate.

    The issues certainly include Public/Charter schools and Bernie/Hilary. What is still to come are support from the Unions, Roe V Wade, Gun Control, Health Care & Child Care.

    it will certainly be interesting.


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