STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY-Episode 3: Those times Eric Swalwell ran away from me

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People often ask me, “Why do you hate Eric Swalwell?” I don’t hate him, but on Thursday’s Steve Is Angry Podcast, I’ll tell you about what he did to me and why I’ll never give him a participation trophy. Never!

Also, in The Breakdown, one good thing about Swalwell is he took his destiny into his own hands and challenged an unopposed congressman. With the filing deadline coming Friday, 5 p.m., I’ll detail the East Bay races that are, in fact, not yet races because nobody has bothered to challenge incumbents.

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3 replies

  1. Steve,

    Once again you are dead on about Eric Smallwell. I knew him when he ran for Danville City Council. I was sure he would be indicted for the patronage money and influence he sold with his Tea Party credentials. But no one called it out when he ran against Pete Stark and he certainly distanced himself from the Tea Party crowd. I have never understood how he can get a Democrat to vote for him. The authentic Smallwell is the crook in Danville.

    I was looking for you today at the BART Board meeting. If you want a picture of dysfunctional, BART is the place to shop.

    Vote against the Incumbents, regardless of merit!


  2. Thank you, Steve.

    Thank you, theomorda.

    We 100% agree, so there is nothing more to say, or do, except watch Mr. Swalwell embarrass himself on the Tucker Carlson show.


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