STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY-Episode 4: Hayward City Council candidate Aisha Wahab

Hayward City Council candidate Aisha Wahab turned heads two weeks ago by reporting a haul of campaign contributions that was more than double the combined amount by her two incumbent opponents. Aisha Wahab joins the Hot Seat for an interview about her vision for Hayward.

Wahab Aisha bw

Hayward City Council candidate Aisha Wahab

In The Breakdown, I take a look at Hayward’s mayoral and city council races this fall. Can Mayor Barbara Halliday stave off Councilmember Mark Salinas for a second time? Will the lack of media coverage in Hayward affect the races for mayor and council?

I also give some unsolicited advice for Union City’s police chief.

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3 replies

  1. Steve,

    Manteca has long had a strong presence of White Nationalism and active National Socialists. Folks who live there are very suspect, such as those from Orange County and their affinity for the John Birch Society. This not Fake News. The chief is as guilty as his son. There have been more incidents like this associated with the Chief. You are right, he needs to leave.

    As for Hayward, it is a joke. Barbara Halliday is the quintessential loser. No one likes Salinas. You are right. More folks who hate Salinas than those who will vote for Salinas.

    Aisha Wahab will set the bar for those who can buy a position. Support her because voting for an incumbent is a waste.

    Joe Ramos is another to support, not because he is right but because he has not been bought yet.


  2. Investigate the entire City council and Mayor of Hayward. They approve, approve and approve everything that comes before them. The signs of them being on the take are there……JOE RAMOS FOR CITY COUNCIL !!!!!



  1. The Mayor’s race is getting hot and heavy… – TheChoicesyoumakeJoeORamos2018

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