STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY- Episode 9: Labor Day Special; Interview with Union City candidate Harris Mojadedi

Watergate in Hayward? A robber broke into council candidate Aisha Wahab’s car and stole campaign materials, but left a cigarillo in the car. Meanwhile, every smoker in Hayward politics appears to be a suspect. In The Breakdown, I take a look at the Oakland District 6 council race and how all of Desley Brooks’ challengers appear to be scared to actually challenge her. Then, in the Hot Seat, I chat with Union City council candidate Harris Mojadedi.

One thought on “STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY- Episode 9: Labor Day Special; Interview with Union City candidate Harris Mojadedi

  1. Steve,

    Thanks for elevating these issues from Fake News to the real McCoy. You are right about the great Hayward Afghani Car Break-In. Without a doubt this was planned by the Committee to Reelect the Incumbents in Hayward. You know CRIH. They broke in to the car and stole all of Aisha Wahab’s electioneering materials, squashed comment on the Dick Tuck style dirty tricks and are doing everything possible to avoid more discussion. The already discredited Hayward Police Department is well known for their Dark Side chicanery. Just look at who gets the special treatment in Hayward.

    The voters in her district love Desley Brooks. Your previous podcast on her show that. The voters do not care about anything in the district beyond their sense of entitlement and Desley does a good job of representing their wishes. That none of the candidates have enough resources or desire or credibility in the hood to defeat her is why no one wants to mess with her. She is as solid as Greg Ahearn is as Alameda County Sheriff. No one wants to get in that fight.

    You backed down on confronting Harris Mojadedi on the contradictions of his platform. Yes Union City is the home of Working Class Joe’s and Janes for the East Bay. Yes, Gentrification is the process by which they are priced out of office.

    The contradictions for the candidates are that while Harris is in favor of Rent Control the city is in fact going broke, $3.0M a year. Like all politicians he is looking for the easy way out: More Taxes. More taxes on Real Estate Transfers, making a real barrier for new buyers and immediately capturing the outside investor with money who will in fact promote Gentrification. Quite a contradiction.

    As a Charter City Harris is calling for more controls and revenue and more feedback from the residents. What he is doing is in fact acting as the politician: Whatever is the flavor of the day is what he is in favor of.

    The contradictions are they key here. If he is running to represent the Afghan community, what are his real goals. Is the Afghan Community about Progressive Values or is the community about traditional Afghan values, including making money and working hard and achieving the Dream?

    My guess is that, well I do not know, and you did not ask.

    Same set of issues with Police Chief. The real question is whether the Afghan and Sikh community have solidarity and whether as the candidate Harris wants to call for resolution and reporting of these hate crimes. I sure did not hear that in your questions. Maybe you will get better at this as we go forward.

    What I thought I heard Harris say was that he was in support of more Bystander Intervention and proactive Neighborhood Watches to provide the security when the police fail to do so. That is a real story and much more in keeping with the values of the Afghan and Sikh communities. Why did you not raise this or is that a new topic?.


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