OAKLAND: Michelson gets a boost in District 4 council race

The presumptive early favorite for the Oakland City Council District 4 race who abruptly suspended his campaign last month says he’s endorsing Charlie Michelson in the competitive seven-person race to replace Councilmember Annie Campbell Washington.

“I’m proud to get behind Charlie,” Chris Young announced  at a campaign event Wednesday. “We need someone from the outside to go in there and to shake things up a bit. Charlie is that guy. I can’t think of a better candidate out there than Charlie to lead Oakland into a new tomorrow.”

Young joins Michelson’s list of endorsers that include Mayor Libby Schaaf and Campbell Washington.

But early in this campaign, it was Young who appeared to be the front runner. His campaign raised more than $100,000 during the first half of this year before suspending his campaign to focus on his family.

Prior to exiting the race, media reports suggested that Young, an attorney for GoFundMe may have been practicing law without a current license.

Without Young, the District 4 race is shaping up as a four-person contest between Michelson, Sheng Thao, Nayeli Maxson, and Pamela Harris.

5 thoughts on “OAKLAND: Michelson gets a boost in District 4 council race

  1. Pamela Price a shoe in? She does not have a a chance in hell. She is not even qualified!! Why do people think that just anyone with zero local government experience can be mayor of a major city????


  2. Steve,

    You are soft pedaling the allegations of practicing law without a license. Chris was according to your columns and other reports. In any event his withdrawal was immediate and unconditional then and now he endorses an outsider. Makes one wonder whether anyone in District 4 has a clue. Sounds like Pamela Price is a shoo in.


  3. Good to see that an insider, Chris Young, is endorsing an outsider in a tight race of 3 insiders against one outsider. Inside Outside it is all about Oakland.


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