Barbara Lee honors Ron Dellums on House floor

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  1. Indeed…a self-proclaimed quasi-communist, race-baiting, tax evading, guy, should R.I.P.

    All of the East Bay would have advanced much farther if he pushed for individual liberty and self-reliance rather than pushing for more dependency.

    Now, Barbara Lee follows his example, with the same rotten result. Race-baiting people and continuing a victim mentality.

    Ron Dellums legacy is becoming self-evident, as we watch South Africa, descend into chaos. The standard of living is down 40% since Mr. Mandela came and left, and their currency is nearly worthless.

    Mr. Mandela could have gotten out of jail decades earlier, but he would not agree to renounce violence.
    NOT a hero. Another Socialist…and now, we see the natural result of a failing state.

    Well done, Ron. May, wherever you ended up, the forgive you.


  2. Correction: Meant: May they forgive you.


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