As Hayward City Council candidate Aisha Wahab was awaiting the start of a candidate forum Thursday night, a woman seated near an aisle asked if her campaign has accepted contributions from the terrorist organization, ISIS.

Wahab told her no, and when pressed for more information, the woman said it was her understanding that much of Wahab’s impressive campaign war chest had come from outside of Hayward.

Wahab is an Afghan American who was born in the U.S. If elected to one of two open seats on the Hayward City Council next month, Wahab will become the first Afghan American elected to public office in the state.

After the forum, the woman, who would not offer her name, confirmed the exchange with Wahab, but said she offered the candidate no ill will. “I say it straight,” she said. “If I think that maybe she got money from ISIS, I’m going to ask her.”

The woman claimed Wahab’s answer was sufficient for her. When asked if she might vote for Wahab next month, she shrugged and said she wasn’t sure.

Later, outside the Hayward City Hall chambers, Wahab approached the woman and offered one of her campaign’s lawn signs, which the woman reluctantly accepted.

The incident Thursday night, however, is not isolated incident for Wahab this campaign season, she said. Others have referenced similar statements involving ISIS and terrorists.