STEVE TAVARES IS ANGRY: Ep. 14–San Leandro politics with Craig Williams; Bonta’s body cams

The November elections in San Leandro is just 30 days away and local community activist and raconteur Craig Williams co-hosts the program.

In this episode we take a look at the San Leandro mayoral race and three council contests, and a lot more.

Craig also has an idea for legislation that he believes local Assemblymember Rob Bonta should carry next year. It’s the funniest episode yet!

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2 replies

  1. very eurocentric view of world power.

    China ruled the world longer than anyone.

    Mali ruled the world that counted and Egypt invented ruling the world.


  2. Great stuff! Bismo, chow mein sandwiches, Jesus eyes always watching, and, yeah, that’s where the Azores part of Steve went “wrong” – taught him to read and write (before there were ipods).


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