Doorbell camera captures slapstick video of Fremont council candidate

Canvassing door-to-door is the life blood of any campaign. It’s also hard work. And sometimes strange moments occur. Just ask Fremont Councilmember David Bonaccorsi.

An unknown Fremont resident posted video from a door bell camera revealing an innocent, albeit slapstick chain of events that evokes the physical comedy of Mr. Bean.

Bonaccorsi, who is an appointed member of the council seeking a full four years next month against attorney Jennifer Kassan, appears to have tremendously difficulty finding a spot to drop his campaign literature before dropping it between the reinforced metal on a screen door and the mesh behind it.

In the video, which is quickly making the rounds in Fremont and appears destined to go viral, Bonaccorsi appears to second guess his decision to drop the flyer in the slot. Finding a way to retrieve the mailer then proves extremely difficult.

Midway through the footage, the viewer learns that Kassan, Bonaccorsi’s opponent, has already passed through the neighborhood. Bonaccorsi picks up the challenger’s flyer and ponders what to do with it next. He decides to drop it back on the ground.

A longer version of the video is believed to also be circulating that shows Bonaccorsi in the distance acting as if he’s thinking about returning to the same porch.

The comedic scene, however, belies what is becoming a highly negative race in Fremont’s new District 3. Supporters of Bonaccorsi mocked Kassan for recently telling the Alameda County Democratic Central Committee that Fremont’s annual budget totaled $20 million, when, in fact, it is roughly $200 million.

Kassan, meanwhile, has repeatedly attempted to link Bonaccorsi to developers. Last month, Kassan filed a complaint with the state’s Fair Political Practices Commission alleging that Bonaccorsi, who is a former Fremont planning commissioner, failed to disclose financial ties between his law firm and two developers over multiple years. The FPPC, in a letter, said they would investigate the claims. Bonaccorsi denies the allegations.

5 thoughts on “Doorbell camera captures slapstick video of Fremont council candidate

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  2. This is funny indeed, but for what’s worth I don’t see any negative implication for Bonaccorsi. In fact, I think the opposite is demonstrated. Once he discovered his oponent’s flyer, he left it where it was; did NOT take it away or ripped it or anything else. I think it shows he is playing by the rules and shows he is honest.


  3. Bonaccorsi is definitely linked with developers. Look at his track record of voting. He, Jones and Salwan have created the current problems Fremont residents now have to ensure each day during commute hours. These three only care about build, build, build and not looking at the infrastructure to support all this growth. This is the same Councilman that said last year, that it took him over 7 years to understand being a Planning Commissioner. Looks like he needs a few more years to understand how to leave a simple piece of paper at one’s doorstep.


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