Alameda school board member Anne McKereghan was pilloried on Wednesday by some board colleagues and members of the public for her recent disparaging comments about the spouse of Solana Henneberry, the former school president who passed away last year, and whom McKereghan replaced on the board.

During the same meeting, McKereghan was served with a recall notice. Specifically, the notice is a precursor to proponents beginning to circulate a recall petition.

“Anne McKereghan has breached the public trust by disparaging school employees, elected officials and parents in the district. She has shown a lack of decorum and a complete deficit of empathy… Accordingly, she is unfit for service on the Alameda Unified School District School Board and should be recalled,” the notice read.

McKereghan is in a four-person race for two open seats on the Alameda school board on Nov. 6, along with current school board member Gary Lym, Mia Bonta, and Kevin Jordan. Any recall movement would continue on if she were to be elected to her own four-year term next month.

On Oct. 17, McKereghan and two other school district employees inadvertently included others in an email chain discussing Assemblymember Rob Bonta’s district awards ceremony scheduled for Oct. 23. Among the winners was Mike Henneberry, the spouse of Solana, Alameda Councilmember Malia Vella, and Richard Bunker, a special education teacher at Alameda High School.

McKereghan wrote, “”I know, unbelievable!!!” How Malia is Woman of the Year and Mike Henneberry is a Local Hero is beyond me!! And, I’m sorry, Richard Bunker Education Champion. I like Richard, but really!?!?!”

Henneberry lashed out at McKereghan, whose appointment he publicly supported back in March 2017 to fill out the remainder of his wife’s term on the board. “I’m not looking for sympathy, but Jesus Christ, it’s nice to get an honorable mention from your Assemblyman, and then these assholes think badly about it. It’s a little breathtaking. I’m a big boy, but it’s like a ‘fuck you’ to Solana. It sticks in my craw,” Henneberry told the East Bay Express.

Meanwhile, McKereghan made no mention of the emails during the Oct. 23 meeting.

More than a week after sending the email, she issued an apology Friday on Facebook, saying “words matter.”

“Last week I replied to a personal email without consideration of either the hurt it could cause to those mentioned or the repercussions to our community. When I learned that the email had been received by a broader audience, I made efforts to apologize directly to those affected. I am sorry for any discomfort or discord this has caused in our community.”

NOTE: This article was updated to include McKerghan’s online apology.