Jovanka gets Berned

Sen. Bernie Sanders’ appearance with Rep. Barbara Lee in Berkeley Saturday morning did not yield what would have been a crucial endorsement for 15th Assembly District candidate Jovanka Beckles.

Beckles horizontal headshot
15th Assembly District candidate Jovanka Beckles

Sanders, in fact, made no specific reference to Beckles during the speech at the Berkeley Community Theater. Beckles, though, sat on stage during the rally and was acknowledged by Lee, who earlier this month endorsed Beckles’ campaign against Buffy Wicks, also a Democrat.

But walking away from the rally without some sort of imprimatur from Sanders is a disappointment for the Beckles campaign. Like Sanders, she identifies as a “Socialist Democrat,” and her campaign slogan of “people over profit” strongly echoes his well-known populist screeds against the “one-percent” billionaires class.

Our Revolution, the off-shoot organization of Sanders’ 2016 presidential camapign, however, had already endorsed Beckles in the 15th District

Sanders’ endorsement and visage on campaign literature would have been a significant boost for Beckles as the hard-fought race in the 15th District heads down the final stretch.

2 thoughts on “Jovanka gets Berned

  1. The Democrats are expecting to win with a sweep and do not care about identifying as Socialist Democrats. Just shows the influence of the Democratic Party on this election. Buffy is a mainstream Democrat and Jovanka is a Socialist. Bernie is elected as an Independent and Barbara is a Democrat wanting a Leadership position in the party when the Democrats take control of the House in a couple of weeks. Jovanka has not a chance. All about consolidating IOU’s. Bill and Baraka support Barbara. Buffy and Jovanka need to buckle down and finish the election.


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