East Bay Money Tracker: Who has the most cash to burn?

The final campaign finance reporting period gives a unique snapshot of how some candidates are tackling the stretch run toward Nov. 6. Some burned through their cash between the Sept. 23 and Oct. 20 filing period. Some have a nice little nest egg ready to be deploy at the last minute. Below is the money scoreboard in the 15th and 16th Assembly Districts, Oakland, Alameda, San Leandro, Hayward, and Fremont.

Some highlights: Assemblymember Catharine Baker’s re-election has somewhat quietly spent more than $1.8 million this year against Democratic long shot Rebecca Bauer-Kahan. Buffy Wicks in the 15th District is close to surpassing the $1 million in spending soon.

In Oakland, Mayor Libby Schaaf opened the floodgates over the past month, spending a whopping $240,000, while Cat Brooks raised more money during the final reporting period than anyone in all Oakland races. It gets more strange in Oakland’s open District 4 council race. Charlie Michelson suddenly dropped out of the race earlier this month. Finance reports show he was spending like someone with his eyes still on the prize, reporting $55,000 in expenditures.

Over in Alameda, the mayor’s race is not seeing much spending. The entire three-person field spent less than $10,000 total over the past month. The same trio raised together not much more. Alameda Councilmember Jim Oddie has spent a city-high of more than $60,000 on his re-election this year. And in Hayward, the big figure that sticks out is Councilmember Marvin Peixoto’s 10-year campaign debt was increased another $18,000 to $68,300. Winning elections is likely costing him more than losing.




FINANCE San Leandro


Finance Alameda


finance HAYWARD


FINANCE fremontFINANCE fremont 2


2 thoughts on “East Bay Money Tracker: Who has the most cash to burn?

  1. Who would vote for Desley Brooks?I wouldn’t vote for someone who assaults a senior citizen, shows no remorse, and cost the city of Oakland! Only a fool would vote for her!


  2. Steve, This is really a list of which candidates which are bought and paid for by undisclosed special interests. These campaigns are are underwater and Unable to pay their debts in cash. They are unworthy of the votes of the electorate. Do not trust them. They are open for sale to special interests.

    The San Leandro Progressive Slate of Shafer-Arce-Aguilar and Benson-Oliver are way over spent. Who has really bought them? They are not worthy of our trust.

    Hayward City Council incumbent Marvin Peixoto is also in way in debt. Who has bought his votes for the future?

    In the Oakland mayoral race Karamooz, Tatmon and Pamela Price are all in debt. None of them are worth a vote. They have already been bought by someone.

    In Oakland’s District 4, Simmons and Hummel have over-spent beyond what they have. They too are ripe for owning by special interests and not disclosed to the electorate. Don’t vote for these two criminals.

    In District 6, a vote for Rodriguez is not a vote that should be cast unless you want someone who is bought and bought paid for by folks you do not know. Desley Brooks is more deserving of your vote.


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