7 thoughts on “Fremont demands Bonaccorsi remove city logo from his campaign materials

  1. I read the 4,000 unit Warm Springs apartment complex is one of many Bonaccorsi voted for. Hundreds of People stuck in traffic grid lock may want to question him. Don’t be taken in by the sweet sounding flyers and mailers. Vote Joseph Valenti for City Council District 3. Second name on ballot. Thank you,


  2. Anyone living in any city should be able to use the city logo. City logos were not invented for only city staff.


  3. This isn’t a correction. It’s spin (and a very impressive bit of spin. Good work.) People can read what the letter says. It was paid for by Bonaccorsi’s campaign.


  4. Two corrections to the article: If you read the letter carefully, it never “urges them to vote for Bonaccorsi.” In fact, the letter makes a point of urging voters to do their homework, read materials, talk to friends, review forums, etc. — and then vote based on research and observation.

    It doesn’t specifically criticize Jenny Kassan, it just points out that the authors of the letter (Gus and Linda) find it unacceptable for spouses to serve together on City Council. It seems reasonable that they would have that opinion, no matter which pair of spouses tried to serve together.

    I am not trying to excuse the inadvertent use of the logo (which apparently has been addressed at the level the city requested), just correcting mis-statements in the article.


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