BONACCORSI RELEASES ATTACK WEBSITE The Fremont City Council District 3 race has been one of the most brutal in all of the East Bay. Appointed Councilmember David Bonaccorsi and Jennifer Kassan, two of the three in the race, have been sniping at each other for months. But the campaign fisticuffs hit its peak Saturday. Just three days from Election Day, Bonaccorsi released, an attack website that attempts to skewer Kassan on a number of subjects. The text-heavy site released so late in the election cycle could signal desperation for Bonaccorsi’s campaign. Last week, the Fremont City Attorney’s office instructed Bonaccorsi to cease using the city’s logo on his campaign literature. Bonaccorsi quickly complied but said he was unaware the logo was trademarked.

Parker Bryan mayor
Bryan Parker

PARKER LIKES CAT, DISLIKES TUFF SHEDS When Bryan Parker ran for Oakland mayor in 2014, and then for Alameda County supervisor two years later, he gained a reputation as a smart and measured candidate who could raise large amounts of campaign cash. He also got labeled as a Oakland moderate. This week it surprised many Oakland insiders when Parker endorsed uber progressive Oakland mayoral candidate Cat Brooks in a Facebook posting on Oct. 30. His comment also included a pointed jab at Schaaf and her Tuff Shed solution for temporarily housing some of the city’s homeless. “Cares about all of Oakland. I believe she would and has reached out to OPD and could work with them on safety. She will need help especially on the economy but she is intellectually quick and listens to others. Lastly, I believe she will address the homelessness with the moral compassion befitting a Mayor vs putting them in tool sheds.” For what it’s worth, according to his voter guide, Parker, a former Davita executive, opposes Proposition 8, the state measure that would cap revenues at dialysis clinics.

CA15 CANDIDATE GETS SWALWELL’S GOAT Over the past month or so, Rudy Peters, the Republican candidate facing Rep. Eric Swalwell in the 15th Congressional District, has employed an incessant social media campaign. The posts consistently question Swalwell’s attention to the Tri-Valley, Hayward, and Fremont district, suggesting his eyes are solely about burnishing a national following on cable television and then running for president. Peters released a video Friday cobbling together his criticisms.

Throughout the campaign, Swalwell has struck a magnanimous tone. He expressed sympathy for Peters after the candidate was nearly stabbed at a Castro Valley street festival, in addition, to tweeting out Peters’ ballot statement to his own followers after the Contra Costa County registrar mistakenly omitted it from its published voter guide. But no more Mister Nice Guy! On Saturday night, Swalwell called out Peters for another criticism that the congressman ignored his calls for a debate.