Former Wieckowski aide settles complaint for $350,000

The State Senate settled a lawsuit filed last year by a former legislative aide for East Bay State Sen. Bob Wieckowski for $350,000, according to the Los Angeles Times. The lawsuit alleged the unnamed employee was fired in September 2017 after reporting being raped by an assembly employee.

The payout by the Legislature is one of the largest in recent history, and follows other notorious settlements in the capitol precipitated by the #MeToo movement.

The woman alleged that following the rape, which an investigation by the Legislature did not substantiate, was denied requests to take time off in addition to requests designed to avoid her crossing paths with the man during the workday.

Wieckowski or his office was not named in the lawsuit, but according to the Los Angeles Times, the woman said she believed her supervisors were aware of the emotional stress she was under following the incident. Wieckowski represents the 10th State Senate District, which covers areas from Castro Valley, Fremont, to San Jose.

Under terms of the settlement, the woman received $280,000 in lost wages, $50,000 to pay school loans, and $20,000 for treatment and career counseling, according to the Times. The plaintiff agreed to drop her claims against all parties involved.

5 thoughts on “Former Wieckowski aide settles complaint for $350,000

  1. The problem is the way the Legislature handles employment inoculates elected officials. This person technically works for the state senate, not Wieckowski. But as a practical matter she’s obviously working and taking day-to-day direction from Wieckowski’s office. He shouldn’t be getting a free pass especially if you recall the explicit anti-woman campaign he waged against Mary Hayashi in 2014. If he tried that today, he would have lost even if Hayashi is loathed in these parts, and among Neiman Marcus employees.


  2. Steve, thanks for the update. There does appear to be a lot here to ask Wieckowski about. There is likely a really good reason he has said nothing. Like something to hide from his constituents.


  3. This will be a good question to ask about when Wiechowski has his next town hall meeting. Apparently he is either a really tough boss to work for or his aide was a lousy employee paid $280,000 in wages. Something is not right here either in employment relations or in salary. Wonder what Bob has to say about all this.


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