Swalwell on presidential run: ‘I see nothing but green lights so far’

There appears no going back now when it comes to Rep. Eric Swalwell’s presidential aspirations. swalwatch graphic1

While in New Hamsphire on Thursday, Swalwell reiterated that his presumptive presidential campaign is ramping up towards a likely announcement in the near future.

“I’ve got staff in Iowa. We’re hiring in New Hampshire, South Carolina right now,” he said. Swalwell addressed Rockingham County Democrats in Exeter, N.H. on Thursday, according to his congressional campaign Facebook page.

Earlier this week, Swalwell released a short video with messaging that appears tailored for a presidential campaign.

Meanwhile, Swalwell appears undaunted by the overwhelmingly successful debut by fellow former Alameda County prosecutor Kamala Harris, who entered the still forming Democratic presidential primary field two weeks ago.

Harris’s presidential campaign received a staggering $1.5 million in contribution during the first 24 hours of her campaign and registered high marks for her heavily-attended kickoff rally in Oakland and high ratings for her Iowa town hall aired last Monday on CNN.

However, here’s another take: Year-end campaign finance reports released today show Swalwell’s congressional campaign reported more money in the bank on Dec. 31 than Harris’s senate campaign account.

At home in the East Bay, talk of Swalwell running for president and giving up his safe seat in the 15th Congressional District continues to be met with skepticism about the likelihood of success, but also considerable buzz over who might replace him. Here’s an early look at the possible contenders.

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