Oakland teachers, OUSD reach tentative agreement to end 7-day strike

The Oakland teachers union and Oakland Unified School District reached a tentative agreement Friday afternoon to end the seven-day strike.

A week of rallies and picket lines appears to have favored teachers, who gain significant concessions from the school district.

Under terms of the agreement, teachers will receive an 11 percent wage increase spread over 4 years, in addition, to a 3 percent bonus upon ratification of the deal, according to the Oakland Education Association, the union representing 3,000 teachers.

Teachers had initially held out for a 12 percent increase, while the school district offered 5 percent. Days after the strike began on Feb. 21, the school district slightly increased its offer to up to 7 percent over 3 years.

“We forced OUSD to invest in keeping teachers in Oakland – which will give our kids experienced teachers in their classrooms,” the union said on its website Friday.

The deal also places a moratorium on school closures in Oakland and new charter schools , both significant points of contention offered by the union teachers.

The union also won concession to lower class sizes by the 2021-22 school years in addition to pledges to hire additional counselors and health care personnel.


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