East Bay Rep. Eric Swalwell’s long-shot bid for president is showing signs of seriously ramping up over the next 10 days. The announcement is likely to come next week when three significant events are planned.

A campaign event is scheduled for April 14 at Dublin High School, Swalwell’s alma mater, and includes a speech on his “vision for the East Bay and America.”swalwatch graphic1

Swalwell is also scheduled to appear on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert some time next week, according to The Atlantic.

Look for his campaign rollout to lean heavily on gun control, based on his public comments and social media posts in recent days

Swalwell is holding a town hall event in Florida on ending gun violence on April 9, which could also be the site of his announcement.

The tie-in being the Parkland shootings at Majorey Stoneman Douglas School. Demand for the event led Swalwell’s campaign team to move it to a bigger venue, BB&T Center, the home of the NHL’s Florida Panthers.

A chilling 47-second web video was also posted by Swalwell on social media Thursday that includes only a black screen, flashing text, and an audio recording in which an individual threatens Swalwell for his support for gun control.

Swalwell’s attention to reducing gun violence is not a new platform for him. It’s actually one of the few consistencies during his entire tenure in Congress. Starting with the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings in Newtown, Conn., which occurred just weeks before Swalwell was sworn-in to office in January 2013, he has spoken strongly for the gun control.

The recent string of references to gun control perhaps started with this tweet on Mar. 29 that includes a trip by Swalwell to a gun range in Alameda County with Shannon Watts, the founder of Mom’s Demand Action, a grassroots effort that urges for legislative solutions to reduce gun violence.

But the focus on gun control may be a surprise after more than two years of Swalwell raising his national profile on cable news as the congressman charging President Trump with collusion. He told The Atlantic, “‘I’m not running on Russia,’ Swalwell added, then attempted to pull it back slightly, ‘if I were to run.’”