Swimming pools are a hot-button in issue in Alameda again. Two competitive pools at Alameda High School that had previously received an exemption for maintenance, could now be closed by the end of this month.

EBC AGENDA slate“The Alameda County Department of Environmental Health is requiring closure of the Swim Center pools by May 30, 2019, unless significant deferred maintenance issues are brought up to code and a long-term replacement plan with specific milestones is identified,” according to a staff report.

The pools are operated jointly by the city and school district and the cost maintenance is projected to be $350,000. On Tuesday, the council will decide whether to foot the bill for 70 percent of the costs — $250,000 — by allocating general fund dollars for the project.

–CITY ATTORNEY CONTRACT– The contract for incoming Alameda City Attorney Yibin Shen will be finalized Tuesday night. Shen starts May 13 and will earn $247,000 annually. The contract also includes $16,000 for relocation expenses. Shen served as chief deputy city attorney in Santa Monica, Calif.

>> Regular council meeting, Tuesday, May 7, 7 p.m.
>> Next meeting: May 15.