Fremont’s surveillance state expands; Mayor Mei wants to study ban on overnight RV street parking

Fremont Police will ask the City Council Tuesday night to accept a $182,000 Bay Area Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) grant for four solar-powered security camera trailers outfitted with 30-foot telescopic cameras. The cameras “will allow the Police Department to provide additional monitoring, investigation and prevention capabilities at public events and EBC AGENDA slatepublic spaces in general,” according to a staff report.

Fremont’s quickened pace toward surveillance technology, in many ways, is tied to its numerous partnerships with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department in seeking various state and federal law enforcement grants.

In recent years, the Fremont City Council has approved surveillance initiatives offered by its police department for video cameras in neighborhoods and at freeway entrance and exit ramps in the city. Last March, the City Council approved an allocation of $110,000 for 8 Automated License Plate Readers (ALPRs). In nearly every case, there has been little public opposition to the proposals.

-PARKING FOR HOMELESS- Fremont Mayor Lily Mei has been a leader as of late on seeking solutions for limiting the vexing problem of homelessness in her city. But based on a referral she will offer Tuesday night, she may be taking a page out of the Berkeley City Council’s playbook. Mei will ask the council to direct staff to study a ban on RVs parking overnight on Fremont streets. Berkeley approved a similar ordinance last month that generated significant opposition from residents who says the action targets the homeless.

-RENT PROGRAM FEE- Fremont’s Rent Review Ordinance is estimated to cost roughly $435,000 a year. In order to fund the program, city staff is asking the council to approve an annual $14 per unit fee for residential landlords.

>> Regular council meeting, Tuesday, May 7, 7 p.m.

>> Next Meeting: May 21.


3 thoughts on “Fremont’s surveillance state expands; Mayor Mei wants to study ban on overnight RV street parking

  1. The way residents and politicians address the homelessness problem in this city sounds like they are addressing a feral cat program. I feel absolutely no compassion in any I’d these solutions and little realization that these people are our neighbors. Frankly, it’s disgusting.


  2. 1984.

    And I guess there is no homeless problem here if you just force them to be somewhere else.


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