Things just keep getting worse for Rep. Eric Swalwell’s presidential campaign. On the day Swalwell failed to register any support in a presidential poll conducted by Fox News, he told CNN that the rival conservative cable news network was not interested in airing a town hall featuring his campaign.

Swalwatch graphic1Some Democratic presidential candidates have appeared in town hall on Fox News, like Bernie Sanders and Pete Buttigieg. Others, like Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris, have vowed never to give the right wing channel the time of day. Not Swalwell.

“I would absolutely do a Fox town hall,” Swalwell said on CNN last Wednesday. “But they told us we can’t have one, which is a little bit confusing to us because they have given them to people who are polling at the same place as us.” He added, “I can only conclude that they are afraid to give me the opportunity.”

Swalwell often appears as a guest on several Fox News programs.

Fox News said it has made no final determination about inviting Swalwell for a town hall on the network. However, among lower-tier candidates, Swalwell might actually garner positive ratings.

Upset Fox News viewers appear to be the only portion of the electorate thus far interested in Swalwell’s campaign. The relationship is not positive. Particularly among gun owners who believe Swalwell’s assault weapons buyback proposal will lead to the confiscation of all guns.

Meanwhile, Swalwell’s personal finances are coming under scrutiny after an article posted Monday by the Washington Free Beacon highlighting his high student loan and credit card debt since becoming a congressmember in 2012.

But the framing of the article makes no mention that a Congressional salary of $174,000 a year does not go very far in the Bay Area or Washington, D.C. The article also included this tidbit: Swalwell rents a four-bedroom town home in Washington, D.C., according to the Free Beacon.