Eric Swalwell will hold a press conference on Monday afternoon in Dublin. The event was announced Sunday amid rumors his presidential campaign is nearing its end.

The campaign gave no further description about the subject of the press conference, which is set for 1 p.m. at Swalwell’s campaign headquarters at 6250 Village Parkway.

In the three months since Swalwell began his campaign for president he has struggled to gain a foothold within the sprawling 24-person Democratic presidential primary field. His poll numbers have topped out at one percent, and in most cases, failed to even register any support in national polls.

Rumors that his campaign was about to fold were heightened last week when Swalwell cancelled five Fourth of July events spread over a two-day period in New Hampshire.

With the benchmark requirements for candidates to appear in the July 30-31 debates significantly increased, the likelihood of Swalwell qualifying was already low. They were further downgraded last week when Montana Gov. Steve Bullock greatly increased his chances of making it to the debate stage.

During the first round of debates last month, Swalwell squeaked in, in part, due to Bullock failing to receive at least one percent in a Democratic Party-sanctioned poll.

If Swalwell drops out of the race Monday, the focus will shift to whether he will run for re-election to his seat in the 15th Congressional District.

Hayward Councilmember Aisha Wahab announced her bid to replace Swalwell last April, but has not made a determination about the future of her campaign in the event Swalwell returns for his seat.