Five councilmembers and a baby

Alameda Councilmember Malia Vella said last spring that she was inclined to breast-feed her newborn at the council dais if improvements for working mothers were not made at City Hall. Changes like new changing tables in restrooms and a plan to purchase a breast-feeding pod for City Hall is already in the works.

But despite Alameda City Hall’s bid to catch up with modernity, Vella said Monday that another reality of parenthood will require her to bring her newborn son to Tuesday night’s council meeting. Her husband is working late Tuesday and she doesn’t have a sitter.

Vella is believed to be the first councilmember to give berth while serving on the Alameda City Council. The addition of a “junior councilmember” will surely also be a first.

3 thoughts on “Five councilmembers and a baby

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  2. Steve, I know you are in a hurry, but referring to Malia Vella as so large she needs a berth is really an insult. I am hoping that you meant birth. No one cares if she nurses her kid. This is such a fake issue.

    If she wants to bring the child to work, as long as the child is quiet and not disruptive, who cares? Time to get real with today. No dual standards. Let her feed the kid. Maybe she can do something for Alamedans.


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